Find My Way Home

But even if the cold and dark does come – and I find myself alone
I promise – I’ll always find my way home.
Whether it be on my knees in my time of need
Up rugged rocky hills; over long endless fields
Or swinging swords with muscles taught
Through ruined forts that the enemy caught
I’m going to make it somehow, some way
No matter the pain: tis greater gain – I’ll make it there one day
Where many have started and few finish
The road of toil littered with bodies of those diminished
These highs and these lows – the relentless foe
The darkest depths of my soul where my demons go
Mocking calls and jests twill not break my will
Call what opposition you will – I march forwards still
Hence will I with all my heart, mind, and might – try
And in this my dilemma will I not die.
I will find my way home with or without you
I’ll go all the way  I’ve chosen- even if I make it alone
I will not die though the fire doth at length try
And though the heavens let fly and hell rains out the sky
I will make it home – weary though I may be
I will make it to my resting place though it kill me

A World Away


Like Thor and Jane in the Dark World,

You’re my type of girl.
I told you I didn’t know what it was
What it was you has
But there’s something about you
Got me hooked too
Like I like the way you talk
Those little steps when you walk
Them little corners of your lips
Always turned up a hint
That little nose – and your freckled face
So fragile – with peculiar taste
You’re short and yes I tease
But please don’t change, please?
I’d cross seas, oceans, or the galaxy
I’ll make the Bifrost though it be imaginary
From a world away, I wanna be here
To tell you there’s nothing to fear
Story behind the poem:
Written about somebody special who has that something special.
Photo by Marek Bernat