Find My Way Home

But even if the cold and dark does come – and I find myself alone
I promise – I’ll always find my way home.
Whether it be on my knees in my time of need
Up rugged rocky hills; over long endless fields
Or swinging swords with muscles taught
Through ruined forts that the enemy caught
I’m going to make it somehow, some way
No matter the pain: tis greater gain – I’ll make it there one day
Where many have started and few finish
The road of toil littered with bodies of those diminished
These highs and these lows – the relentless foe
The darkest depths of my soul where my demons go
Mocking calls and jests twill not break my will
Call what opposition you will – I march forwards still
Hence will I with all my heart, mind, and might – try
And in this my dilemma will I not die.
I will find my way home with or without you
I’ll go all the way  I’ve chosen- even if I make it alone
I will not die though the fire doth at length try
And though the heavens let fly and hell rains out the sky
I will make it home – weary though I may be
I will make it to my resting place though it kill me

A World Away


Like Thor and Jane in the Dark World,

You’re my type of girl.
I told you I didn’t know what it was
What it was you has
But there’s something about you
Got me hooked too
Like I like the way you talk
Those little steps when you walk
Them little corners of your lips
Always turned up a hint
That little nose – and your freckled face
So fragile – with peculiar taste
You’re short and yes I tease
But please don’t change, please?
I’d cross seas, oceans, or the galaxy
I’ll make the Bifrost though it be imaginary
From a world away, I wanna be here
To tell you there’s nothing to fear
Story behind the poem:
Written about somebody special who has that something special.
Photo by Marek Bernat




Early morning mists bring about the summer’s haze – you get the gist

You stare outside the window in a deep and transfixed gaze, seeing all the beauty laid out like a petaled maze
Hallucinating – like the world is translucent
Trying to feel emotion but – you can’t find the solution

You want to step outside the world and experience the embrace not seeing it from a closed space
But it’s like Medusa’s closed the windows and you can’t think through

Oh this hell you’ve been through might just drink like y’all friends do

The sadness is eloping when the door is locked, the darkness it consumes you and you take extra note, of how this makes you feel

And you don’t want to drown again you want to be with sunshine and the flowers to mend.
Like a bottomless lake of misery – wallowing in self-pity
Wake up, get up, stir something inside somebody, make yourself angry

Break the window until you scream and want to cry, there are options there is hope there is power in the outside meadow
Feel the blood dripping of your fingers? Ignore it. You were made to beat this
So break outside the glass and feel it – the glory of being freed of it

Feel the breeze across your skin the wind will free your mind and within
Don’t just watch it through dark glass, but live it so it’s past
Climb beyond what you see – surmount this impossible task

And relish in the new day the new life now begins


Co-written with the beautiful Shaylie Pryer who wrote the most stunning lines in this poem. ;)

Photo by



I might seem happy – doesn’t mean I’m not tortured inside
Just want someone to confide about what really goes on inside
I can be brave – doesn’t mean I don’t feel the fear
Marching forwards doesn’t mean you don’t hear the sceptics jeer.
You haven’t been struck yet, there’s a storm on the horizon.
No danger yet still keep your eyes open.
I look strong, but I’m actually weak
My victories pale in the face of my defeats
You might think I’m an angel with some stupid halo
Yet inside me – places where angels fear to go
The white painted walls of sepulchres
The healthy who seek for a cure
I’m bleeding inside, like rivers running dry
Just because I don’t tell you, doesn’t mean you won’t find
Why cant you take the time to understand
I’m not always the man you think I am

photo by EveBlackwood