How Do I Hate Thee


How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.
All those sleepless nights spent staring at dying lights
Half-written emails of generic code
The clash, the battle, the darkness that followed
The time, pain, and sacrifice
The truth which was laced in mental lies
Always knowing it was vain, still played again
Still hate the way you didst my wild heart tame
So infuriating, how you set me up
To knock me down
Then pick my pieces up off the ground
Oh! how I detest this lure but it calls me anyway
I jump believing it will somehow change
Sick and tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve
When years on and I don’t know how you feel
I know so much, but still know so little
You know less yet belittle
Yet somehow I’m drawn to this
Like superman addicted to kryptonite – my nemesis
Mainline drug user risking overdose – can’t quit
Catch twenty-two, can’t live without it, can’t live with it
It’s sending me out of my mind

I don’t think I’ll get out of this alive
So I guess I’ll curse your name with my dying breathe
As it exits this lonely labouring chest




Story behind the poem:

What can I say? Slightly inspired by 10 Things I Hate About You – How doth I loathe thee, let me count the ways. :)

photo by V Fouche


This is waging war
Knocking down your door
Home invasion – alien intrusion
Draw swords – bleeding contusions
Red flag, no quarter given
Redemption of the unforgiven
Raging bears, wild men
Cornered in the lion’s den
No room left to flee
Stand, fight, fall, let be
All or nothing, stand and fight
Fight all day, bleed all night
Don’t stop here – move on farther
Send greetings to the ever after
As they gave so you give
By the sword you die yet live
The untold comeback
Swansong of those who cracked
They fell to the ground
But rose to be in victory found
Hit back – bounce back
See the end – chase that
Expand borders – regain, re-claim
Lay hold – lay stake
What you paid for in blood take
Why else play the high stakes?
Home invasion – no evasion
Counter attack – commence invasion
No rest, no peace – stand tall
Rise more then you fall
Till they stand no more
Counter-invasion – wage war