Many in my life have come and gone -
But oh so few came on that strong
Years later now – I see these pictures: inside I cry
How is it that you still tear me up inside?
I wish that I could reach in and touch your hair
Just one more time, oh princess fair
To feel that phenomenon they call love
Sweep me away to some paradise above
Now I’m older and wiser with a bleeding heart
And I know I’ll never again play that part
Oh I was such a fool – and you were a liar
Our passion was such a furious fire
Ignorant, innocent, deceptive – a lethal mix
Like a drug, so addictive – just one more fix
Sinners and saints thrown into one
Trying to make it out but we got so done
Years on, we kick ourselves
Put these feelings on the shelf
We’ve done endured for so long
All these things we done wrong
But tonight I’ll remember us as legends
Like our story has no end
As the queen and king we were
Before the wind turned


I want to be ready
Stand my ground
When the tempter comes
Still be left here
When it’s all said
When it’s all said and done
Draw my sword
Standing fast
Tear holes into the hordes
Buried ‘neath my foes
Watch me rise for more
Foreguard – hold the fort
Hit the bags
Feel the pain
Live like it was war
Make hell, fight well
Cause it will come
When you least look for
I want to be ready
Energy surging
Like a bull at the gates
Sinews tense
Mind set
Ready for struggle that awaits
Eat the bread of sorrow
Whilst those around rejoice
When they sleep will we rise
Though we grow faint
Still we go hard
Harden thyself in the fire
Victory demands sacrifice
Life will bring strife
I must be ready to fight
In peace prepare
For the war
When the demons take flight
While I sleep -
When I rise
When I’m ready, when I’m not
In season
Out of season
Ready to fight with all I’ve got

Find My Way Home

But even if the cold and dark does come – and I find myself alone
I promise – I’ll always find my way home.
Whether it be on my knees in my time of need
Up rugged rocky hills; over long endless fields
Or swinging swords with muscles taught
Through ruined forts that the enemy caught
I’m going to make it somehow, some way
No matter the pain: tis greater gain – I’ll make it there one day
Where many have started and few finish
The road of toil littered with bodies of those diminished
These highs and these lows – the relentless foe
The darkest depths of my soul where my demons go
Mocking calls and jests twill not break my will
Call what opposition you will – I march forwards still
Hence will I with all my heart, mind, and might – try
And in this my dilemma will I not die.
I will find my way home with or without you
I’ll go all the way  I’ve chosen- even if I make it alone
I will not die though the fire doth at length try
And though the heavens let fly and hell rains out the sky
I will make it home – weary though I may be
I will make it to my resting place though it kill me