Dark & Light

Ambiguous – undefined
Dark and light.
So sublime
Can’t touch it – yet it’s nigh

Divine origins
We can’t explain
These two things
How they were attained.

Mystical, magical, mysterious
Little though of
But so illustrious
Sourced from above

One is presence of something
We don’t know how
The other of nothing
But it’s there now.

Can’t hold it
Can’t stop it


LIke one step after another
Distractions bother
The image of her
Haunting for ever after.

Ghosts of things left behind
Bleeding wounds we hide.
A weariness creeping up our spine.
Wavering in the ever-changing tide.

Like the body caught fire
And everyone you met is a liar
Think a palace with Nero and his lyre
You’re not home and you’re tired.

Not lost – yet forever alone
Tormented – can’t find a home
The fire inside the bones
Won’t let it rest, it burns on.

Let it burn – the fire purifies
Someday I’ll be satisfied
Won’t settle for the second prize
The fire of a weary victor’s eyes.

Let it burn – let it ache
Let the wind blow, the ground quake
I am the master of my fate.
Won’t give up until I’m safe.

Burning, blazing wreck
Won’t take a reality check
These my fingers – take the flak
My mind is master – I will not break.

Shaky Hands

Sitting in a high chair,

Eyes closed -

Lean back, breathe in

As the towel around my shoulder folds.


My hairdresser looks in the mirror

Glassy blue eyes

With shaky hands -

They swear he is high.


Most people they fear him

His shaking hands

They break their nerves.

He’s an unstable man.


Like them quivering hands

They can’t trust

The shaking

Of scissors that rust.


Fearful if he slips

If those shaking hands fail

The consequence

That will be unveiled.


I lean back, snip, snip

I have faith

In those shaky hands

A confidence you can’t take.


Those glassy blue eyes

Never waver

His shaky hands

Never falter.



Story behind the poem:

Written in memory of someone who use to be my hairdresser. He had hands that shook something terrible.



Didn’t mean to lead you on like that

You’re making it up I’ll bet.

Let’s take this to the edge.


If you didn’t mean it -

Why’d you say it?

You foolish, immature idiot.


Excuse my use of adjectives

But I’m a man with an objective

And the problem is it’s subjective.


I guess maybe passion burns easily

But I’ve learnt to tread queasily

Think it through earnestly.


I like, put on this mask I hid behind

Like a still image framed in your mind

That I’m in water head-high.


But it’s all an illusion

A self-induced delusion

Of a someone’s inclusion


I’m still on the sidelines

With my double filling in the firing line

And something told me you’d change your mind


Maybe it was your flattering lips

The words you said that make me sick

Cause they were way too sweet.


Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten old

The scars and broken hearts have told

And I can feel when the water’s cold


Whatever, whenever – I never got in.

Call it a mistake – a sin.

But I doubt it needs forgiving.


Apologizing to me today.

Bang – damn girl what a shame!

Are you sure I got played?


Head in the Clouds

Swirling misty blues amidst cloudy skies

Was a girl who flew and still flies

Like in some distant land of infinity

With the prince charming man indefinitely

Gone high on a drug we can’t define

Lost in the sky where dreams fly

Oblivious, or so it seems -

Blissful ignorance coupled with growing fears

The critics are gathered below

Cross not tick – let it go

They be like, ‘Scramble an intercept

Skirmish to all-out war – just a small step.


They say, come down, girl – ground zero

But she’s on top of the world with her hero

Head in the clouds – we ain’t coming down

Cleared for touchdown but ain’t no one touched ground.