In Memory of Labella



Dear Anna,

I find it hard to believe you’re gone. You were like a mother to me, with your lasagna, cat I played with, and my drawings which you stuck on your fridge. I’ll never forget all the mischief I did.

The last time I say you, you could no longer remember my name. I wanted to cry because I knew this day would come, but still, I have no tears – because I know you were more than just beautiful in name – you had a beautiful heart that pleased God. And I know you will never forget or grow old again, but live happily in a mansion just for you – and one day, I’m going to cross over to join you.

Thank you for your quiet selflessness, your inspirational cheer, the constant support that followed this little one through till he dwarfed you.

Lots of love

Till we meet again.

Joses T.

Never Again

Redoubt Volcano Eruption April 21, 1990

Won’t be fooled by your ruse again

Will never again lose this game

Never again – your puppet on strings

Tear them ou, fly away on eagles wings

Turn heel and run – just run like hell

Like hell is on your heels and your wounds won’t heal

Block your ears and drown out the noise

Hit back, and silence the critics voice

Never again! Make your war face!

Slam your decision into place

Never ever again will we fall

Scream it out and pick up your sword

Run through those strawmen

Feel their blood fall onto your shaking hands

Tear down the walls they build to hold you in

Let them hate – let them call it sin

Let them hate the fact you’re free

Not bound up the way they wanted you to be

When they come and challenge you

Face them and let the fire burn inside you

Fall on your knees – they think you’re going to plea

But clench those fists and let the fire go free

Slam them into the ground

And shake the earth about

Never again! Hark, the eagle screams

Beware the crouching tiger’s eye doth gleam

Never again! Someone let the raging dragon out

Tear down the imposing redoubts

Story behind the poem:

Too often we get mad and don’t actually do anything about it. It’s time to get mad, so mad, that we swear that never again will we be fooled!



Photo by SkyTruth

Play Again

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

If I could play this again

I would win- two steps ahead

Playing for the final weigh-in

You bring the fire

I’ll bring the wire cutter

Let the balloon take us higher

You can play the game

I’ll set fire to the rules

And let them go in flames

A mask with a face underneath

I’ll bring radiating heat

Discover what I fear to see

You think I’m in your game

But I’ll hold your heart’s reigns

You can run but in vain

You bind me in chains

But I have the master key

And I’ll break them just the same

You can win lots of bouts

But while you swing about

It’s the end game that counts

photo by Jess Cheng

Angel of My Dreams


The demon of my dreams was once an angel

She was once adorned with a golden halo

Like a dreaming wonderland

It suddenly becomes a taunting never-land

The friend we once held close

Now is a thief dressed in a cloak

She once held an apple, promising love

But now she chases with hunting knives

Now I’m grasping at straws

Blaming all my stupid flaws

Was it all just a magical illusion?

Was it my gullible mind under delusion?

You’re so beautiful and so innocent

Yet so vile, scheming, and malificent

Shift-shaping serpent, singing siren

Blindfold and plug my ears ‘fore I dive in

‘Fore I dive in and die

Don’t let me fall in love with a lie.

Definition of Sirens:

  1. In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

photo by Alessandro Prada

Thousand Dreams


I see you beautiful face every night

But you’re never there when I open my eyes

I’ve held your hand in a thousand dreams

Our story lives on in the land of my sleep

A thousand dreams, a thousand lives

Replayed time and again in my mind

Yet every time, no matter how I try

The story ends up being just another lie

Just another lie – just another reason why

I stand under the shower and cry

Because I can create a fairytale of virtuality

But every time I wake, it’s not reality

A thousand dreams, a thousand lies

I go to sleep to try one more time.

photo by mathias mazzetti