Seven-fold Band

I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: 
Hosea 11:4a

A threefold cord is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12b

Whether worse, or better
For poorer or richer
Be it sickness, or health
In poverty or wealth
You to love and cherish
May our love still flourish
May this love ‘tween us the tie that binds
As our two lives into one entwined
If these solemn vows I say and this wedding day
The mark of when we threw our single lives away
And as it were, we became one tied together
With a thin band of words meant to last forever –
Then may these vows, words, the binding band
That our still fragile young love demands
Be made of the finest tempered steel
To last whatever comes from left field
Fine as gold, so all they who behold
Will see our love as that to be sought
Like the high value of precious rocks
That with your blood can only be bought
May this thin band be hard as diamond
Unflinching, priceless and defiant
Yet soothing, calming, soft like the breeze
Healing wounds and carry us when weak
May this thin band, never rust nor fade
Never corrode, crack, snap, break, or age.
But through every great fire and every howling storm
Surrounded by foes or desperately alone
May this thin band stand the test of time
From this day forth that I make you mine.
And if one band to thee, not enough
Then go take six more and bind me up.
They say two bands are very hard to crack open
And a three fold cord is not easily broken
But they also say that seven is perfection
And that’s what I see when I see our reflection
So take these cords and bands in thy hands
And make our love a seven-fold band
Motivated by Roje
Written for Sam and Rachel on their special day.
Dedicated to every couple who desire to last forever


You all think you’re something special

Like you’re some human who’s actually an angel

Just covering up and disguised as the devil.

Wait, I may have said it backwards –

You’re like a human who’s actually the devil

Just covering up and disguised as an angel.

Never mind, does it matter?

When the fire ceases and smoke scatters

I still lay here shattered

To peer behind the disguise is truly

One thing that haunts me

As the truth slowly dawns on me

You’re truly hideous to behold

If only you didn’t glitter like gold

Not all that glitters is gold


The Throne

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, the earth is filled with His glory!

Painting the skies with majesty, such is his forte

Before all who ever lived and were, stood Jesus

And He will still stand when all else is turned to dust

Outside of time and space, our words cannot praise

Near enough, the glory of your face.

Holy Father of light, from darkness you call first

And lo, the darkness to light gave birth

At your will you speak, and all do tremble

When Christ returns, every nation and tongue will assemble

They will confess, “Your Majesty and Holiness

You are the greatest, the brightest, the strongest and the best

Our words cannot describe your Holiness”

From least to greatest, this will they confess,

“Jesus, you are Lord, Master, God and King.”

This they will confess whether they be willing

Before the throne, where endless praises roll

Where the Lamb of God is sitting upon the throne

Where tongue will fail to describe the power of his presence

And all they can do is bow down and make obeisance

But who are we? O Lord, that you are mindful of us?

We are nothing, just children of dust?

We stumble and fall. We are so weak.

Yet to us from the throne does grace leap.