The Noblewoman

She once was a princess

A princess – and that the sweetest

Now she is a noblewoman

As a rose in the desert doth she bloom

As the butterfly unfolds her wings

As the blue birds break out and sing

As diamonds polished to shine

I’m captivated in your light



This is the reckoning. Hear ye, hear ye

We have here, a gentleman, in the scales to weigh

Stacked up against him, eveything he could be today

Everything, if every move he made were right

If every step he took was bathed in the sun’s light

If all life ever wrote for him was A plus

Like Lady Justice, her eyes intentionally blind

So as to any imperfections find

Now I in the balances doth now lie

That which I am and that which I can be

One reality and one possibility

All that is and should pertain to me

The balances are set, and now the arms do swing

Surging down, the possibility doth win

Woe is the reality – the verdict of the reckoning

Short have we fallen, not enough glory

We faint and fall when we could experience euphoria

As I in the balances lie – lacking in all those things I passed by

No Timid Soul

I’d rather be brave and go down in flames

Than live like a coward and never savour victory’s taste

Rather be hated for who I am – and yet be true

Than be successful and loved for lying to you

I miss more than I hit, fail more than succeed

But find me with timid souls, that day will never be

I am no timid soul

I will rise like a lion bold

And if I fail – if I die

Won’t be because I didn’t try

Enough Words

We have had enough words here

Let’s put our cards on the table

Enough of all these things we speak

Let’s see if we truly are able

All these words – so many things said

But what if we got up and did

Instead of just speaking hollow things

And with our hands and feet proved it?

Stop telling me who you are

Walk ahead and show me instead

Enough theories – let’s put them to the test

Who knows how far off we are from death

Enough with words. Let our actions speak

Of so many words, my ears have grown weary

I need something more on which to live

Sustain me with action lest I pass on early

Descent into Hell

They say some fall to hell in a waste basket.

But not so many as slide there with good intentions yet regrets.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Glory of words with not enough justification of actions

So gradual we hardly see our feet gradually slipping

Till hell’s toxic atmosphere we suddenly breathe

And now our souls are crushed by the darkness – the absence of light

When all that is love, life, and right is swallowed up by a tangible night

The irresistable urge of our depraved desires and fallen inclinations

A veneer of civilization atop that of pure degradation

We now slowly drift towards the bottom – eternal death our destiny

Tortured by our failure and God’s absence for eternity.

We flounder and fail – for this path to Hell is slippery

And at every turn we find ourselves affronted with treachery

Agh, if only we had known – that no matter how noble the deed

Or how good it seems – there’s a hook when the devil whispers in your ear

Just a little to the left, just sit back and relax. Let gravity take up the slack

And you’re drifting down to Hell’s gates with slim chance of getting back

Devils clinging onto your ankles, begging you to stay

You’d run, but they appear as angels come to whisk you away

So to their lying tongues you listen, and further into the lion’s cave

Till suddenly they transform and reveal their real shape

And now you find yourself lost in an ever spiralling abyss

Desperately trying to climb back out, drowning in the darkness