New Year

A year is neither good nor bad
It’s just this life, a mixed bag
You get candy and you get lemons
Get over it, stop crying bout them
Candy tastes sweet and rots your teeth
But lemons are full of health though they make you weep
It’s what you make of each year that will count
What matters is not what happened but what’s done.
Stop waiting for a ‘good’ year to come
Walk forward to triumph


Slithering Snake

You slithering, subtle snake.
Glittering scales your lies hide
Flickering tongue, like tasting the prey
Venom-loaded fangs tucked up and away
Every honey-coated word ends with hiss
Betraying your malicious interests
Those darting eyes, so full of hate
As they for the perfect moment wait
To strike when all seems safe
Usher the victim to his grave
So very striking, yet forever shifting
Like shivers travelling, a chill settling
So your words upon my ears
So full of lies and deceit
No legs, you slither upon the prey
Silent and inconspicuous
Like a primal evil floating forth
Leaving death and destruction in it’s course
Wondering why, I recoil on meeting you
Baby, it’s not me, it’s you

Get me a spade in my hand
Must end the threat ‘fore it puts me in a grave

Me and You

All these things I can never tell
But holding it in is a living hell
So I take the pen to jot my thoughts
Which from my troubled heart swell.

I know I made mistakes. Would say
to you, I’m the one to blame
But that’s because I’m a man
Who’s willing to walk through flames

It’s not like I’m innocent
Not like perfect. But I want to be
I want perfection to be more than dreams
I insist it become reality

But the fact is, I fall more than I walk
Lose more than I win. Fail more than succeed.
More often worse than better, dark than light
And care less about you than I care about me.

That’s not what you told me. It’s what I see
When I inspect what the mirror reflects to me
I’m not looking to all the things you did wrong
I just want to know why all these things be?

Why do you cut me off, when I really did try?
What was it with all your silky, blinding lies?
What did I do, that deserved your treachery?
What were my sins that made this great divide?

Here is my heart, I never hid it from you
Never told you I was something I wasn’t
In fact, if you ever asked me to be honest
I’d tell you the darkness within that hovers

But you never asked. And took me to task
On what? I have no idea, and I never asked
Guess I’ll never know, but this one thing
At least I can say, I never wore a mask

I die true – I wish such could be said for you
But you’re nothing but a double-crossing fool
I done well could have been perfect
Still wouldn’t have been enough for you.

Never Coming Back

The day I walked – that was the day I talked

Said to you, this work is not worth the cost it took

Finally owned up – some burdens are too much

Took what little stuff I had and picked my feet up

Started running where I’ve never before dared

You said I’d be back, begging and scared

Guess you never really knew me, let’s make this clear

I’m not one of your pawns who you think you own

I never asked to be here – and just to be clear

If you think I’m ever coming back – I’m never coming back.

This is the breakdown, fiery crucible, meltdown

All the little cracks merge, the straw breaks the camel’s back

I’m loathe to burn bridges, but beware your strutting britches

I’ve passed the pyromaniacs master degree class

But I ain’t got no pass in building o’er schisms vast

I burn my boats on the sand, cause I’m never coming back again

No millennial, need no safe space. I’m descendant of a warrior race

We detest the chains of vain men – we take pride in breaking free of them

Listen- you’re a snivelling, filthy rat. I got free and I’m never coming back.



Swirling misty blues amidst cloudy skies

Was a girl who flew and still flies

Like in some distant land of infinity

With the prince charming man indefinitely

Gone high on a drug we can’t define

Lost in the sky where the

They say, come down girl – groundzero

But she’s on top of the world with her hero

Head in the clouds – we ain’t coming down

Cleared for touchdown but ain’t no one touched ground.