This Battle is Real

This battlefield’s real

This pain that I feel

I ain’t bear them no ill

But the enemy wants to kill!

Ain’t never crossed at first

But they got my bloodthirst

Just sit and let ’em steal

Naw bruh, that ain’t in my will

Their goal is my mind

But that mind there is mine

Hit the bell up, next in line

It’s fighting time

We declared war

And it don’t stop cause

It’s life or death, sink or swim

Lose or win!

Got me up in flames

And nothing here is safe

Some days I’m just beaten down

Other days I’m swinging round

Few and far the days

When I lay that big bad giant on the ground

But I’m never ever gonna give in

Gonna keep at keeping at it till I win

No matter the cost no matter the loss

The victory will be worth all it costs!

The folks out there think I’m insane

And I’m starting to think the same!

Trying to live right by the Prince of life

In a earth that’s dark as night

They think I’m insurgent

I like to think I’m divergent

All I know is all I got

Ain’t nothing to what I find in God!

Like whoa – if I got eighty years

And I spend them all miserable here

All that matters is he says “Well done

My faithful and serving one!”

This here battle’s real

And one day forever win I will

So call me insane


But war is inhumane

Some never really live

Some get halfway fore they give

But I’m going all the way

Cause there’s a brighter day!

Living, breathing, feeling

This battle-fielding

Don’t know where, don’t know when

But I just know that I am going win


I had a nightmare tonite

Not the ones that wake you up in fright

But the ones that leave you anguished

When you awake because they finish

It was in a church hall

We’re all gathered there like times of ole’

I spot you standing on my right side

I look over, and you looked straight into my eyes

You smiled – like it was happening all over again

Fresh air fed my heart’s dying flame

As it ended, I remained where I stood

Just hoping come over you would, yes you would

In the corner of my eye

Sweeping in like that princess I was trying to find

Rich brown hair, eyes bright

Smiling like you’d never known the night

You stood in front of me in a dress of white

My heart took off soaring like a crazy kite

You wrapped your arms around me

Just freeze this moment here

Kiss on the cheek – prodigal’s come home

No more trudging on alone

We got in your car, and of we went

Driving over dirt trail’s in a wilderness that’s spent

All I remember, is telling you what I’ve always wanted to

That after all these years, I still love you

And whether or not you want to try again

All I want you to know is my promise hasn’t changed

Was it just me? Or where tears trickling down your cheek?

And I saw you for what you really were – floundering and weak

My heart broke as you told me your sins

And I told you again, I don’t care where you’ve been

All that matters is you’re back again

Just so glad you’re back again

The car stopped – you were sobbing against my shoulder

And I love you – is all I ever told her

What Will It Take

What will it take to wake you up?
What will it take to make you look up?
What signs must from the skies fall?
Even written in the sky, would it work at all?
What must be done so that you heed
The warning cries of whence judgement fire breathes
Lightening bolts from the sky?
Ox and cart to haul you off your backside?
Pins and needles in your toes?
Another week of woes?
How much more canst one tolerate?
Will not the heavens regurgitate
The apathy of the so-called chosen ones
By whom more is said than done?
Ye weak-willed soldiers – fledging amateurs
Ye will faint when the first bombs burst
Why start if you are going to but quit?
What is the point if you will not finish it?
Why run the race? Why fight?
If you never intend to pay the price?


Waves beating down never-ending like the sands of time
Forever raging against this house of mine
Wallowing and foaming, spitting their rage
Against a shore that did them naught – for ever and an age
Crashing, burdensome, angry waves
Never giving up day after day
Relentless wolves of the sea
Never tiring, forever trying to break me
While I sleep, they wake – they patiently wait
No matter the time, they will not stay – they attack alway
Grievous and vengeful, they wear through the rubble
From blows of calamity and even  gentle
Deceptive serenades of beauty misconcieve
The illusion of paradise isnt always brief
But tis comes the time when one finally sees
The only paradise is that of a coral reef
Breaking apart the bones and leaving one forlorn
Washed up on a shore amidst the storm

What Do I Say?

What am I meant to say
That doesn’t sound cliched?
That the pain goes away
Or it will all work out one day?
Am i meant to say it will be okay?
When we all know scars don’t go away?
Focus on something, someone else
On someone that doesn’t fail?
Put your trust in Him – when it’s so thick
And you can’t go another trip?
When does silence become too much?
What do you say when time runs out?
How do you know if you’re in time or not
What if they care or they don’t?
What can one really say
To their empathy convey?
I’m sorry is so common – I love you is too close
It’s one thing to listen – another to give your voice
It’s one thing to say that you feel
It’s another to show you’re real
Sometimes it’s better just to let dragons lie
But how knowest thou when that day is nigh?
At what point does real love stop?
What is the limit of what you can cope?
When is enough enough? When do I walk away?
What is left that I can say?