Angel of My Dreams


The demon of my dreams was once an angel

She was once adorned with a golden halo

Like a dreaming wonderland

It suddenly becomes a taunting never-land

The friend we once held close

Now is a thief dressed in a cloak

She once held an apple, promising love

But now she chases with hunting knives

Now I’m grasping at straws

Blaming all my stupid flaws

Was it all just a magical illusion?

Was it my gullible mind under delusion?

You’re so beautiful and so innocent

Yet so vile, scheming, and malificent

Shift-shaping serpent, singing siren

Blindfold and plug my ears ‘fore I dive in

‘Fore I dive in and die

Don’t let me fall in love with a lie.

Definition of Sirens:

  1. In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

photo by Alessandro Prada

Thousand Dreams


I see you beautiful face every night

But you’re never there when I open my eyes

I’ve held your hand in a thousand dreams

Our story lives on in the land of my sleep

A thousand dreams, a thousand lives

Replayed time and again in my mind

Yet every time, no matter how I try

The story ends up being just another lie

Just another lie – just another reason why

I stand under the shower and cry

Because I can create a fairytale of virtuality

But every time I wake, it’s not reality

A thousand dreams, a thousand lies

I go to sleep to try one more time.

photo by mathias mazzetti



You took the oath of allegiance

Took one knee and swore obeisance

Buckled up the armour of steel

Swung your sword till you got the feel

Hut! Jump to the mark!

Sir, yes, Sir! You answer drill seargeant’s bark

Drop and give fifty – running through the paces

But only you know if you’re going through the phases

Graduation – Here’s your cap and gown

No, they hand you a sword and send you to the killing ground

Now rank in, shoulder to shoulder

The enemy hurl themselves like boulders

United you stand ground and draw blood

Easy done when you have the upper hand in the hunt.

So you’ve fought and won –  don’t rise to far

Because cometh a battle that will shake your heart

It will come when you are least ready

When you’re vulnerable and your nerves edgy

When your comrades fall and cry for home

And you feel like you face the raging horde alone.

Will you stand still – in the heat of the battle fray?

Or when the captain looks yonder – will you be MIA?

photo by Duncan

Land Runs Red


The land is green and gold

With many plants untold

Sheep graze on grass

In the safety of the fold

The land has blue

Water to refresh you

Bright colors announce anew

That spring is now due

The land has many creatures

That inhabit it’s features

Most notable are humans – strange creatures

Now hark! the words of a preacher!

The land runs red

Red with blood that’s bled

Blood from the defenceless

That we kill, that lie dead

In white coats in white houses

We kill the future of our culture

And drown in blood

the graves of our fathers

We walk the streets,

We don’t see it

But we walk in blood ankle-deep

And few of us weep

The blood of innocents cry

The cry for vengeance rises high

Few pause to think what happens

When the avenger draws nigh?

The count of the dead

Outnumbers every genocide earth has had.

The land runs red

Red with blood of defenceless dead

According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. (reference

If you do the maths, that means that EVERY second, 1 child is killed. It’s past time to speak up for those who never got a chance.

Abolish Human Abortion.


photo by Billy Frank Alexander

You’ll Never Forget


You never really forget your first sweetheart
And you’ll never get over why it fell apart
Never really understand how you got played
Never stop wishing you could relive those days
The nightmares won’t cease and dreams won’t appease
The emptiness when one takes your heart’s piece
The bleeding never stops – it just goes on and on
Even when your tears dry and your blood is gone.


Even once you’ve sworn to yourself that you moved on
You’ll still remember our song
The place we first met and held hands
The sway of the trees above as they clapped again
The innocent gestures that seem so childish now
Those long calls at those absurd late night hours
You’ll still remember those silly arguments
And the slow but serious increments
You’ll never forget when you kissed her forehead
No, you’ll never forget it till the day of your death


And by some chance, you might think
That maybe you could try again and change it
Maybe you might dream of actually winning
That she was feeling what you’re feeling
That maybe, if you could hold hands one more time
She would remember and come back and it’d be fine
And there are days, where if you could you would
Show at her front door and give her all you could

But those days be many and far between
Swallowed up by uncontainable fears
Drowned beneath mountains of sorrow
Forever running from the pain that follows
Doesn’t matter how far you run, you’ll be found
Those memories got tracking like bloodhounds
Looking for the puzzle’s missing piece
But you know exactly where it is
Maybe there’s another match out there
Maybe there’s another match somewhere
But you will never forget your first love
You’ll never forget the day she walked out

photo by Janusz Gawron