My Best Days

Some say I’m young, I think I’m old
Old enough to carry a grievous load
Old enough to carry plenty of regrets
Live each day with things i’d rather forget
All those years of invincibility
Got me in a whole lot of vulnerability
This man is not who he once was
Once whole, now broken, now tossed
Pieces of a heart missing – washed up
Looking at life like a half-empty cup
But somewhere deep inside
I feel that fire flickering, alive
And somehow I know, up ahead
I’ve still got my best days yet

Life is just a paradox, catch twenty-two
Caught in the middle is you
Must demolish to build, die to live,
Throw out to keep, Lose to win
Experience the tears, sweat, and pain
To have the triumph, victory, and gain
He who dares, will often fail
But tis will be the day he prevails
Every time I go down in the pit
I will emerge reborn from it
Fight harder, run swifter, be stronger
Breath deeper, play bolder, last longer
I was dead, so I buried me
But I will rise like a phonix. See
I’e been through hell and calamity
But my best days are still in front of me

Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song about a love that lasts

Sing me a song, about holding fast

Tell me of the maladies, tell of the remedies

All of the peace in the midst of my calamities

A golden bright home, where the light of God shone

The tree stands alone still long after the storm

Sing to me about the stars we can’t count

Sing to me some calm, when I’m drowning in doubt

Sing me a lullaby when all I can hear

Is the devil inside, whispering in my ear

Tell me about a man who died

Just to save you and I

Tell me about all the times, I fall and fail

But there’s┬álove which somehow still prevails

Tell me of all the pretty things, when all I see is gloom

Tell me of a lovely life when all I see is doom

Sing to me a song, to help me carry on

Sing to me a song, when all my strength is gone.

Tell me I’m not alone, tell me there’s more

Tell me of place called home, life forevermore