White flag white flag
Jesus be lord of my life
Come and rule that is thine
Fix the shambles And strife

This man is your vassal
Tell me what u want done
Whatever it is, help me i pray
Surrender to one

White flag white flag
Waving in hollow defeat
The enemy has finally won
Brave man hung by the feet

Surrender after surrender
God what have we done!?
help us please remember
Surrender to one


The Story Behind the Poem:

I attempted to capture a scene of what really happens in our lives. We surrender our lives to Jesus, and we give everything over, but then, after we have waved the white flag, we wave it once again, this time to the enemy of our souls. The final line, ‘Surrender to one’ is the theme of the poem. We should never surrender, except to Jesus, because he is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. What surrender are we doing? Are we surrendering to our King, our Creator? Are we giving him his rightful place in our life? or are we surrendering to the enemy? You alone can answer the question of surrender.



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