Pieces of You

Pieces of me, pieces of you, consisting of others
Teachers, friends, coaches, mothers, and fathers.
The older we get, the more we see
Pieces of others, that make up today’s me.
Little things that we learnt from years past
Little things to which we now hold fast
Ways to do, views to see, ways to live
Ways to love, grow, to learn and to give
So many people, each with a little contribution
Many of whom never have attribution
For the things they gave, the things they taught.
Things that are priceless, cannot be bought.
Some of them will never know
How much they helped others grow
They will never perceive their influence
Neither will they see the difference.
Pieces of you, pieces of me, rubbing off everywhere
A little on her, and a little on him there
Forever changing their lives, for worse or better
Making them weaker, or making them stronger
So many pieces of you and pieces of me
Please, be careful what they be
Wherever you go, whatever you say or do
Guarantee that something will rub off from you
Never underestimate your words and actions affect
You never know just who you might affect.


The Story behind the Poem:

This poem is a tribute to all the people who have helped shape me. Friends, teachers, parents, all those who in some way shaped who I am. As Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.”

Every one of us has bits and pieces on us that resulted from the things others did for us, how they mentored us, or how they lived while we were watching. It is my plea that we remember that other feet also follow behind us. They watch what we do, and we will ultimately leave our mark on them. Whether it is good or bad, you get to decide.



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