A dark brooding shadow
Soldier standing alone
His head bowed in agony
Soldier standing forlorn

His creaking ship landed
Only one month ago
Now all his mates dead
Are buried on the knoll

His khaki clothes flutter
Flutter in a sea breeze
By day they bake
By night they freeze

His slouched leather hat
rests on his rifle
A Symbol of courage
One mustn’t trifle

Illusion of war’s glory
Has long passed him by
Now all that remains
Is death, dirt, and fly

Anzac, man of honour
He puts a letter away
Last words of the dead
Will shine again one day

He whispers a prayer
To return to his land
Far away, so far away
From this bloody sand

God fearing man
Now he asks why
Why did his friends
All have to die?

that was a question
He’d never ever fill
As he slowly turned
And went down the hill

Farmers and bushmen
Now as soldiers, roar
Stories become legends
ANZAC, man of war

Story Behind the Poem:
This poem was written several years ago. I just revised it recently. It’s in honour of the ANZAC’s who fought for their country.



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