Magic Smile

There’s a pretty girl

Somewhere in this world

Whose smile shines bright

Even when all’s night

Even when I’m feeling down

Hers is a smile that turns me round

Shiny blue eyes drag you in

But her smile is what really wins

Her loose blonde hair looks fine

But her smile wins every time

If there ever was a smile

That seeing was worthwhile

Yours was it, a million bucks worth

None other like it on earth

Don’t know if you know

But thought I’d let you know

About your magic smile

Cause its something worthwhile

Baby, don’t ever lose it

Keep that smile on your lips

Smile that smile, that magic smile . . .

Story behind the poem:

This poem was written about a girl I know, who has a wonderful smile. Every time I meet her, she gives a smile that, well, looks genuine and makes you feel so welcome. There are other things about her that are attractive, but as the poem states, Her smile is what wins. Smiles are something we can all give for free, but only a few of us give them. Don’t stop. 🙂


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