Ghost of You

Whistling wind
Crashing waves
Hot white sand
And high caves

The smell of grass
The taste of sand
The sight of happiness
Cool skin ‘gainst my hand

Footballs and soccer
Cameras and lenses
Exercise and hugs
Sitting watching movies

Hiking the bush
Cycling in the heat
Slaving at work
Blisters on my feet

Ur cool lips
Ur smooth legs
Ur delightful smile
things i won’t forget

But no joy
Do they give
They merely remind
Me of what i could’ve

Everywhere i go
In the things i do
I’m constantly haunted
By the ghost of you

Trying so hard
To get you out my head
But The ghost of you
Still isnt dead


Story Behind the Poem:

This poem was written about a girl I loved. It’s a poem about memories of her. When she broke up with me, she left behind alot of memories. Just about every part of my life reminded me of her, and still does. Every day items would remind me of the fun times we shared, but they aren’t happy memories anymore. They merely speak of something empty now, a ghost that haunts.


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