South pole, north pole,

Comets, asteroids, and black holes.

Canis and feline,

The lion and the hind,

Blazes of bush fires,

Maple trees, willows and firs.

The fall and the spring,

Snakes and birds on the wing,

The glory of a rainbow,

The silent snow,

By the millions declare your praise-

Praise to the ancient of days.

Spiders spin their orb;

Proclaim you Lord.

Whales sing the same;

The rocks cry out your name.

Your voice is in the thunder;

Your creation holds us in wonder.

Thou art our father, Jesus Christ:

You made us from dust.

Forgive our trespass,

Forgive our deficient praise,

Remind us who we are-

And who thou art-

Father of nature,

Our God and Maker.


Story behind the poem:


It has always puzzled me, as to how someone can deny that there is a God. Nature declares it. There are so many beautiful and wonderful things in our world. From the worm, to the mantis shrimp, and the elephant. There is NO WAY that they could possibly evolve from nothing. Such reasoning is pure lunacy. 

Nature praises God. It points to him. We need to recognise this. We were made to worship him. Please, let’s give Jesus the praise that he is worthy of. 



Luk 19:40  And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.




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