Open Your Heart

Tis’ one life you have,
Open your heart to love.
Love your wife, your son,
Daughter, husband, or special one.
Friends never turn away-
Open your heart to love every day.
Your scars will be many;
Much pain there will be.
Knives will cut deep;
Your eyes will for years weep.
At times you will wonder,
Is it really worth it all?
To love, feel, and cry,
Or to raise walls and inside die?
The latter seems the safer,
But behind walls doth one falter.
For we were made to live,
To love, breathe, and give.
To hide behind the walls,
Slowly one falls.
Petrified till no longer a soul,
Just grey stone, dead and cold.
Never able to move beyond,
The wail of a heart break song.
Forever in the past,
Never in the future, this his cast.
Never the chance feel,
The warmth of love so real;
The closeness of a friend,
When you are facing the bitter end.
Just a life of reclusion,
Doomed to seclusion.
A life wasted, a life for nothing.
A life of pain and bluffing.
Woe to sad memory,
But happy ones will never flee.
To love and live,
Or to die all stiff.
The choice is all yours,
What will be your course?
Please please open your heart,
Though it may be oft torn apart.
For if you don’t ever,
True life experience you will never.
Tis’ one life you have:
Open your heart to love.


Story behind the poem:

I really wanted to bring out the theme of loving, in spite of the hurt, in this poem. I feel that I still have done it injustice, but oh well. Maybe in another poem I’ll express it better. :).

Anyway, what I wanted to bring out, was that we often build up walls. We lose our faith in people because of what they do to us. We should never close up our hearts. We should never be stuck in the past. We should continue living. God is love, and we were made in his image. We were made to love. Love isn’t always romantic. Love is genuine care for the other person. Love is opening up to someone. Love is painful. Love makes one come alive.



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