This is Our Hour

A word for you,

A word for me;

The hour of the legend-to-be.


The moment is here,

The moment is now;

We will not lay down.


Tis time to take the stage,

To light our world,

Have our flags unfurl.


Dress for the battle!

Strap on your armour,

For this is our hour!


Instant in season,

Ready day and night.

Ready to carry the fight.


Never asleep, always awake,

Starting in defence,

Finishing in offense.


In the homes and schools,

Parks, capital, and beaches

Will we fill the breaches.


Though weak yet strong;

Though dead yet alive;

Through Jesus we survive.


Even when wounded,

We will our sword swing.

We will never give in.


With our last breath,

Will we push down walls.

We will see giants fall.


We will see mountains move.

We will see the dawn of light.

Upon strength upon might!


For we are called by Jesus:

Jesus Christ our only king.

And so let us sing:


This is our hour!

Rise up ye men of valour!

This is our hour!


Follow the King’s example.

Though faced with tribulation,

Will we find elation.


To the weary eye

Comes a fiery gleam,

As we now scream:


This is our hour!

This will be our hour,

This is our hour!



Story behind the poem:

This poem was written while at church. It came from the key verse in the teaching:


Joh_12:27  Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour. 

“This hour” is the key which I wanted to emphasize. This hour is our hour. So often we find ourselves running away, when it could be our hour. In Jesus’ strength, let’s face our trials, and make it, our hour.



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