With My Heart

The dawn of another morning

The dawn of an old longing

Long for your company


I once was passion on fire

But now a gun for hire

Cause something came tween you and me


I loved you with all I had

But you threw it all back

Threw it back in my face


But if you ever need somewhere

Somewhere where you needn’t fear

You can come to my place


You can tear me up in pieces

Lay them out in the street

Each one would cry, every part


I don’t care what you have done

You will always be the one

I love with my heart


I know that is stupid

After all that you did

But my heart wont let go


My head tells me to walk away

But my heart wants you to stay

Cause it loves you so


Tween my head and heart

They are worlds apart

But I know where I’ll start


In spite of the strife and pain

I’ll keep on though no gain

I’ll love you with my heart


If one day you get broken

Please remember what I’ve spoken

Wherever you might be at


My arms are still open

To welcome you home

Cause I love you with my heart.


Story behind the poem:


I often find that I have two thought trains inside me. One is my heart, the other is my head. Often they fight and contradict. And I have to choose what I will follow.

This poem is about my ex. She broke my heart, obviously, as well as many other people. But inside, I still love her. And even though my head tells me that I shouldn’t care about her anymore, my heart loves just as much as it ever did. And that will never change.




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