Picture Perfect

In many pictures we look out of place
So self-concious and so straight-laced
We sit so still and we try, try, try
Always trying to catch the camera’s eye
But either its our hair, our clothes, or the light
There’s always gonna be something not quite right.

If you listen to the voices whispering around
There is one sure way that you will be found
Always brushing your hair changing your clothes
Enhancing your moves-whatever goes
They’ll spin you round, yeah, until you break
Spin and brake, give a smile that’s fake

So slow down, take a break
Catch your breath before you wake
We only get to live one life down here

You can spend your whole life
Trying to live up to all the hype
But if you would take the time
To enjoy life and unwind
Forget about lens
Stopping building up our defence
Cause that’s when we’ll be
Picture perfect you and me

Story behind the poem:

This poem has a double meaning in a way. I love photographing babies, because they are so natural. If you watch them, they don’t care about their hair, clothes, etc. And good photos of them are so easy to take. As for us adults, we have to do our hair, our clothes, and even then, we hate our pictures. Our pictures always look so much better when we relax and just ignore the lens so to speak. Our pictures look better when we stop measuring up to the air-brushed models of our world and we see ourselves the way we are: unique human beings.

The second meaning, is that of being picture perfect, or being in the right place. We spend too much time measuring up to others. We listen to the whispers around us, and are constantly trying to be more popular. The problem is, there will always be someone who doesn’t like something about us. We weren’t made to be measuring up to others. We were made to worship God and enjoy the life He gave us. When we stop worrying about what others think, and trying to keep up with all the suggestions, that’s when we find ourselves in the right place: picture perfect.



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