Blaze of Glory

Blaze of glory, the epic showpiece
The reality of dreams, the advent of a wish
The accumulation of perfection
Light in the darkness of desperation
Fireworks explode, the walls implode
As power comes to dwell at his abode
The flash of energy, boardwalk to infinity
Forever young, the dawn of invincibility
Fists and hands reach for the sky
Get ’em high, get ’em high
The scream of victoy echoes from lips
Completion of the masterpiece
Inside they rise, if not out
Them at their best, there is no doubt
Soldiers fight and die like wildcats
On the rubble and ruins they raise victory flags
Athletes who break their walls
Then into invincibility’s bottomless fall
They raise their trophies high
Reach their hands to the sky
When one makes the deal of the day
When nothing can stand in his way
Remember the blaze of glory
For after the glory fades
All that remains, a wreck ablaze….


Story behind the poem:

The story behind this poem? Well, it’s actually part of a series. The blaze of glory refers to when one is on a high. We all go through highs and lows. Blaze of glory, refers to a high. But as anything, it comes at a cost: burnout. 🙂 This is based on my own life cycle. I tend to have a spectacular week with top notch performance, followed by two weeks of burnout. 😛



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