Torn Picture

I found it in my box today,
A photo that I tucked away.
It had a pretty smiling face
In another even happier place.
It use to sit upon my desk
It got me through the worst, into the best
If I couldn’t smile that day at all
I just took a glimpse of the photo, and feel the walls
Fall away, fall into dust beneath my feet-
Where earth and man doth meet.
That was till the dark clouds came,
When I found that people often change.
That those we trust oft are our enemy.
When those who chain us, once set us free.
In the midst of the storm, the photo stood,
Daring questions of whoever would.
The symbol of eternal hope,
Something on which I could grab hold.
But hope without help, eventually dies,
And the photo was tucked away with all my files.
One by one, the pictures of you were ripped up
Till there was none of you to remind me of.
But this one photo, hidden away amidst other mail
The one last tangible memory of a fairytale.
Twas today I took hold of its corners,
And watched it tear, till your face was just a blur.
Goodbye to all your lies-
The mask behind which you hide.
Watch the shredded pieces fall in the bin,
Watching as a new life begins.


Story behind the poem:

Pretty short and simple. This poem was written after tearing up the last photo of my ex which I found tucked away in paperwork. I was feeling a bit poetic :).


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