Something to Live By

Ok, something to live by . . . I have many of those. If you happen to drop in one day where I work, and my manager will be more than happy to tell you some of my little proverbs (I’ve actually forgotten most of them). One of them which I can remember is, ‘185 degrees Celsius oil and icy cold water don’t mix.’ Yep. That took a real spark of genius.

So today I’m going to write about one of my first little ‘proverbs’ essential to everyone’s life. Or maybe not. 😛

I think I was something about four, and it was while we still lived at Kahibah. Out the back, we had a terrace, with little garden beds adorning the cement pathway. In these beds we grew a variety of plants, such as strawberries, shallots, . . . . . . and chillies. Yes . . .  I think you can see where this is headed.

My father is Indonesian-Chinese, and he loves eating hot food. So naturally, most people imagine that I would be a bit of a hot food freak. Well, not quite. I’m not adverse to hot and spicy food, but I’m fine with sweet and salty. It’s extremely rare for me to use chilli sauce, and just a touch rare for me to use pepper. (I love using pepper on hot chicken soup in the middle of a frosty winter. Now that is one exception) The only time you will see me get into the hot stuff, is when I’m having a competition with either my brothers or my friends. Then it’s all in. I remember one occasion where I actually ate chillies just like that, and well, my eyes were red and streaming tears, my lips felt like they were melting and my face became a bit of a waterfall of sweat. But back to the topic.

There were these bright red chilli plants in our garden, and I, being an innocent little kid, thought that they looked so good. I can’t remember what it was that I was doing with them, but I definitely remember their bright red color.

Anyway, I had finished playing or what not with the chillies, and headed inside. Now it just so happened, that I decided it was time to rub my eyes. Uh-huh. A few rubs, and I was screaming in agony. I think I handled those chillies pretty well, cause my eyes were torture. I ran to my bed, buried my face into my pillow, bawling my eyes out.

Several minutes later, a battle-weary veteran tramped from his room to gaze in the mirror at his ‘beautiful’ red eyes. Yup, that’s definitely a proverb to live by . . . . ‘Under NO circumstances does one touch his eyes after handling chillies unless they have been washed five times under running water with soap.’ End of story. Oh, and come to think of it, why did I never try using a chilli pesticide? Well that’s another story. 🙂




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