The lifeless flutter of dull eyes defies the cries that defy the mountains that rise
The bird has flown, and the fuel tank’s blown. As now the greatest enemy we find is our own
The powerful guns now fall under. The cannons cease to thunder. We behold and wonder, as we slip under
Smoke, it’s scent burns our senses, as we feel a collapse of our defences because of our to inevitable lapses.
The source has run out, and we’ve done what we could. The fire has run out of wood and we’ve done all we could.
After all the adrenalin has rushed through. When reality hits you. When fall apart is all you can do but you don’t want to.
The eyes now have dark rims. You feel like there’s a bottomless hole that you’re falling in, all the while, playing on circus rings.
You no longer can rise to meet the challenge but bend beneath and can barely defend. Right now, you think you have reached the end.
Insomniacs make for maniacs, you pushed yourself out into your balancing act and now there’s no way to get back.
Watch as the icy cold embers die, the fall of an empire. Watch as you find yourself falling off the balancing wire
Your hands cannot, will not raise to save you from your fate. Their guns, no longer with energy quake. They are no longer awake.
When every bit of energy has been consumed, when all resources have been exhumed. When all that’s left is ruin’s fumes.
What once was alive, now lies down and wonders how that inside him died. Wondering where everyone went who he did once confide.


Story behind the poem:

The second of my series, Blaze of Glory, Burnout, & Damage Control. This poem is a description in which I wanted to try and capture how I feel when I’m burnout. Usually I find that I get burnout by a combination of late nights, poor eating, and a high workload. I constantly do it. Also, it refers to my normal cycles. My high times, I class as a Blaze of Glory. Burnout, is when I’m tired, and low on energy. There’s a decided change of energy, and it’s pretty obvious when I’m burnt. 🙂



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