There’s a really pretty girl I know,
Twas talking with her not too long ago.
Now she’s seems quiet as can be;
But today she really startled me.
She actually talked quite a bit
And apparently her nose was too big!
Now I’ve read before that there’s things,
That we’d change if we had one magic wish.
I’d personally like to be taller and thinner
With not such a wide grin.
But it got me think ‘bout how we see ourself,
And how I see myself.
I realise now that God made me unique.
He made me, then he broke that mold quick.
I began to realise that often others see
A different side of me:
Cause what I saw was a beautiful girl
With no other match in the world.
What she saw was imperfection,
But I could only see perfection.
I saw the beauty, she saw scars.
Perhaps that’s just the way we are.
So I wanted to take the time to share,
Something special and rare.
Twill always be more room to grow-
To be something better than you now know.
But you were made just right,
By Someone who watches o’er you day and night.
So I thought I’d let you know right now,
You’re perfect the way you are:
Every blemish n’ every scar.
Perfect the way you are.

Story behind the poem:

I wrote this poem as a way to express some of the thoughts I have. This poem is dedicated to someone I know (Hi, you-know-who-you-are). The example given actually occurred, and well, it’s stayed with me. It’s made me realise that people see us in so many different ways. There are some people who see me as a great role model. I disagree. Some people see me as proud. I disagree (I believe the proper term would be ‘cocky’ not quite the same . . .  lol). We see ourselves in a different light. I remember one girl I met, who I thought was really cute. You know what I really liked about her? She had teeth with braces, and well, I thought she looked pretty cute with them. I doubt she would have agreed. I think of some of my friends, and I reckon they have great talents, but they disagree. We see ourselves so differently. Let’s remember that Jesus created us unique. That means that there is NO ONE like us in the history of humanity. We are perfect the way we were made, we don’t have to change our nose, our grin, anything like that. (but we do have plenty of room to grow when it comes to our spiritual life, our attitudes, and how we treat others). Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t perfect in every way, but when it comes to our features, personality, etc, we were made perfect. We just need to accept it and then do the best that we can with it. I think we could very well surprise ourselves.



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