Crocodile Tears

Crocodile tears, empty and hollow

The display of emotions shallow

Fake flag waving in the wind

A ‘friend’ driving the dagger in

While tears flow down his cheeks

Trying to convince you, things ain’t what they seem

Giving the lame excuse for the end

When truth is, real friends stay friends.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You, bawling out loud while pointing the finger

Forgetting about the man in the mirror

Telling with tears in your eyes, how you feel alone
When right now, the fault is really your own
Telling how all your friends walked away
But i wonder if they actually would’ve stayed?
If you hadn’t pushed them away

You, telling how much it hurts to do this
“that it didn’t end this way, i wish, i wish.”
That it’s fate, or the inevetible, so it seems
But you’re the one pulling the strings
You made the choice to end it all
So stop bawling and shut up, cause it was your call.
You say it hurts and you don’t want to
But you still do it, no matter what, don’t you?
Spare me your tears, your crocodile tears
I want someone i can trust, one i can believe
You can dry your crocodile tears

Every time you try in vain to explain
My unflinching answer will always be the same
Twasn’t me who walked away, i was here to stay
And if you’re wondering where I am one day
I’ll still be standing at that exact same place

But otherwise, shut your mouth, dry your eyes
If i wanted lies, there are plenty out there to buy

So let’s be one hundred percent clear
I don’t buy crocodile tears

Story behind the poem:

Crocodile tears . . . I like that term. Some of my long suffering friends occasionally coin that term for me when I play a trick on the and then do my best to pull a sad face (and that is a fail with a capital FAIL!). But while it can mean something harmless, crocodile tears can also be rather serious. (def for crocodile tears can be found at

This poem is an open letter to all those who use to be close to me, and at some point, walked away, while giving their ‘reasons’ for breaking up the friendship. There was a point where I would play along and try my best to win them back, but those days are gone. I’ve had enough crocodile tears to last me a lifetime. I’ve had enough of hearing them talk about feeling so alone or friendless, when I’m standing there all along for them.

My greatest concern, is that I never give any of my friends crocodile tears except when playing round. I don’t want to ever be in the situation where I’m giving fake sympathy to my friends, and feeding them lies. I want to be a friend who is always there, just a call away. The friend who will take offence and still be your friend. No crocodile tears (except when I’ve played a jolly good prank on you 😛 )



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