Big Daddy

Before the storms hit, before the doubts assail;
A tiny boy in the world who on his own will fail.
Unaware of what will come and has been,
Reaching up to hold on Daddy’s big hand.
Childhood trust, before one becomes a man,
And finds things aren’t always what they seem.

All alone, a frightened little guy,
Wanting someone safe, he now begins to cry.
Till he hears, “It’s alright. Daddy’s here.”
Now no more does he fear monsters in the hall,
Or under the bed, cause his Daddy’s biggest of all.
When Daddy’s here, nothing’s left to fear.

The world may be cold and dark,
And monsters in the shadows lurk.
But having big Daddy nearby,
Makes him bold enough to step outside.
Cause someone bigger’s at his side.
Now there’s somewhere safe that he can hide.

Big Daddy, on his every word he hangs.
If he says it, this is how it must be then.
He walks in his footsteps, mimics his walk.
What he does, he follows.
The little boy is the world’s tomorrow.
Watching big Daddy’s walk and talk.

Big Daddy, tall and strong, nothing to fear
Or so it seems. He’s the one to be near.
Big Daddy is who makes us feel secure.
Like a mighty strong tower, or a shield in war-
A rock in the desert, a huge impenetrable door
When we hide behind him, we feel sure.

Before the storms hit, before doubts assail. . .


Story behind the poem:

This poem was inspired by a photo I saw of a little boy holding his father’s hand. It made me think back to when I was a kid. I was blessed, and still am, to have a father, unlike so many others out there. I think as little kids, we admire our Daddy. He IS the STRONGEST, the BEST. To our little eyes, he’s like a massive giant. We could defy the world when he was stand with us (at least I could :P). There’s something so touching about the trust of a little child. They will put their complete trust in their father just like that. A trust that is un-marred by betrayal, by doubt. Unrocked yet by the storms that life throws at us. This poem is dedicated to all the fathers in the world. Please, be BIG Daddies. Be the shelter for your children that they can run to. Remember that they look up and adore you, and that they walk in your footsteps. That they walk like you and talk like you. Love you Dad.


One thought on “Big Daddy

  1. I always remember when we walked together hand in hand in Jesmond among the crowd. You were about 7 years old. You pulled my hand to stop and bend down to you. Then you said, “I love you, Daddy!” Thank you for this beautiful post you dedicated to the fathers. I will try my best with God’s help to be a good example. I love you.

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