Nothing’s Wrong aka Storm’s Will Come

There once was a battlefield where all was silent.

From foxholes and ditches rose the heads of men defiant.

The weathered general looked around, looked hard, looked long.

Said to his men, There’s nothing wrong except there’s nothing wrong.

Not long after, they found themselves pinned down,

Surrounded by the enemy. The enemy all around.

There’s nothing wrong except there’s nothing wrong.

Does everything look bright? Keep sharp, stay strong.

Cause storms will come, right when nothing’s wrong.

It has been said that when things are bad, look up,

Cause things are sure to brighten up.

But when things are looking good, brace yourself.

Lest you start running when the rain pelts.

Friendships may be strong and good, but when the storm comes.

Then you find out what they’re made of, what they become.

Watch what you promise, what you do, what you say.

Because storms will come and test you, one day.

When living on a mountain, on an endless high.

Look out, cause the fall is hard when you’re up in the sky.

Those promises you make when feeling on top of it all,

Are only as good as you can deliver when you feel small.

True people aren’t rated by how they’re seen.

They’re rated by the storms in which they’ve been.

The greatest tree can fall down in a storm,

Even though it was big and majestic, it’s gone.

Will you hold when the fire burns?

When the cold numbs?

Will you fight on, in the thunder and hail?

Will you go on, and refuse to fail?

Will you hold true to your word?

Or are you the coward that runs before the sword?

Batten down the hatches. Remember what has been said and done.

Because storms will come . . . .



Story behind the poem:

This poem was inspired by the movie, ‘We Were Soldiers’: “Nothing’s wrong except there’s nothing wrong!” I was reading in a book, that “If we’re having a hard time, hold on, because it will eventually go away. But if everything’s fine, hold on, because the boat is going to be rocked soon.”

I guess I’ve come to realise that this applies to friendships, projects, and promises as well. We feel on top of the world, tackle a project, start well. But then the storm comes, and we give up. We promise to do something, but the storm wears us down. Friendships. There are so many examples. This is one that is closest to home for me: The bridegroom says to the bride, “I do.” And they both vow to be together for better or worse. Yeah right. Because the stats for divorce, are horrendous. What happened to all those ‘solemn’ vows? The storms came, and they revealed who the people really were at heart. Storms have a knack for revealing who we really are.

Nothing’s wrong, except nothing’s wrong. Are you expecting a storm? Are you going to be able to hold true to your word when the storm comes? BECAUSE A STORM WILL COME!



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