Life use to be simple. Emotions clear.

Friends were friends, nothing to fear.

The kiss of a friend, the shake of a hand.

They were all signs of a friend, an honest man.

But now I look in your face and wonder what you hide.

Wonder what you really think, when you confide.

Now I no longer trust what I’m told.

Now that I’m no longer young but old.

I look deep into your face, trying to place

The words you say, wondering what parts you erase.

Trying to see through the layers of wax.

Wondering what parts of you are real and which are fake.

Wish I could light a candle, and watch it all melt.

So I can see what you really meant, what you really felt.

Tired of people, covered in wax, trying to pas what twasn’t.

Wish I could go back to a time where wax wasn’t.

Wanna be able to step in and know you mean it.

I wanna know that you really feel it.

What will I see, if I melt your wax away?

Is it really you who I’ll find at the end of the day?

Are you a person sincere, without wax.

Or have you coated white wax over the black?


Story behind the poem:

Sincere can be traced to a root meaning ‘without wax’. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the possible explanations for it:

“An often repeated folk etymology proposes that sincere is derived from the Latin sine = withoutcera = wax. According to one popular explanation, dishonest sculptors in Rome or Greece would cover flaws in their work with wax to deceive the viewer; therefore, a sculpture “without wax” would mean honesty in its perfection.[4] Another explanation is that this etymology “is derived from a Greeks-bearing-gifts story of deceit and betrayal. For the feat of victory, the Romans demanded the handing over of obligatory tributes. Following bad advice, the Greeks resorted to some faux-marble statues made of wax, which they offered as tribute. These promptly melted in the warm Greek sun.” ref:

Wax is often used to make sculptures of people. Real people, but it’s just wax. After several bad experiences scarred me, I now almost always find myself questioning the person’s motives and intents. Do they really mean what they say? Or are they just made of wax? Faking for who-knows-what-reason. Is this person really sincere, without wax, or are they insincere, NOT without wax :).




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