Almost Right

Almost right, always wrong.

Almost there, forever gone.

Almost free, in darkness chained.

Almost changed, but forever the same.

Almost saved is always doomed.

Almost there is never in bloom.

Almost won, is lost, lost, lost!

Almost free comes with a dreadful cost.

God, we live on lines of almost,

Wondering why we fail and bite the dust,

We crumble and declare we win

When we never even got in.

We claim we have it all

But we really ain’t got nothing at all.

Thinking we can get away with sin.

But reality is, it ain’t gonna let us in.

Thinking we can just change the word a bit.

But it ain’t never gonna stick.

Almost right is ALWAYS wrong

Almost strong is never strong.

Almost there is nowhere.

Almost found is lost who-knows-where.

Almost right, ALWAYS wrong.


Story behind the poem:

The theme is sourced from Johnny James, in one of his sermons. The message is simple-almost right is always wrong. As simple as that. 🙂



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