The Lies in Your Head

You once where a flower, tender and bright.
Once a tender sight, before came the night.

You once were a living breathing being,
Inspiring those looking up at you and dreaming,
But now you’ve changed your glory, lost your life.
Now the walking dead, buried under pain and strife.

Those you once strengthened, now stumble
They wring their hands and weep as you crumble.

What was the thing that brought about your ruin?
Are your eyes open? Do you even see what you are doing?

You’ve got a brain infection-a lie of perfection
The acceptance of your imperfections

Your fallen default which you worked to change
Now triumphs, for it alone is all that remains.

The voices in your head have broken down your walls,
Turned you into a hopeless, grovelling fool, that’s all.

The voices in your head are now your hypnosis,
Listening to the wrong voices is now your diagnosis

What they tell you, you believe: you don’t ask why, neither perceive
The consequences; what you sow is what you receive.

They tell you who you are, so you surrender and accept.
Outside you deny, but what you let in will finally reflect

It never had to be how they said,
But you chose to believe the lies in your head:
Now you are what they said, all those lies in your head . . . .


Story behind the poem:

This poem is a compilation of several experiences. It refers to us being steered by other people and the views they try to impress on us. It speaks of one who is trying to do right, and finally falls victim to the fallen nature of every human being. It speaks of one who finally accepts the ‘inevitable’ (note the appostrophes) and succumbs.

Some points to ponder . . . 

What is truth?

What are lies?



Joh 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


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