Kiss the Dirt

Feel rush of the wind either side as on a tiny sleek bike you ride

Feel the gasp of hurtling metal monsters lurking all around to getcha.

Feel their presence as they push you to the wall, let the fear inside take you over all

Feel the power surge through your legs as everything else you forget

Look neither to the left nor right, cycle like the lightening, day and night.

Feel the wind freeze your piercing face, feel the pain plaster your grimace in place.

Feel the adrenalin flow in as the truck edges you out. No matter how close, you just keep going.

Cycle till you no longer touch the floor. Till you can’t do it anymore.

Then let those wheels fly, feel yourself touch the sky as you feel yourself lift so high.

Till you melt into the metal frame and feel yourself hypnotized by the glory and speed grand.

Finally roll home, weary legs pumped out, up the driveway, swaying groggily about.

Get off the bike and kiss the dirt cause you were this close to getting hurt.


Story behind the poem:

Description of me cycling. Inspired while in a car actually, watching the traffic whizz by. The feelings came from an instance where I set a personal recorded high in a valley where I clocked 71.9 kmh. Those feelings in the poem, well that’s exactly what I felt. Dedicated to my cycling friends, all those who know the real meaning of what I wrote 😀




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