Bleeding Heart

Beneath the bravery, the heroics, the disguise.
Beneath the happiness, the veil, the lies.
In the soft and maellable, yet cold hard
So infinitely precious, yet battered and scarred.
A stream of life-giving red slowly ebbs away.
The essence of life that twas meant to stay.
Beneath the perfect surface, intense damage.
We grasp at threads as scraps we try to salvage.
Using tissue paper to stem the bleeding torrent.
But it takes more than tissue to stop the current.
Tortured, bleeding heart, lucky few will never find.
The tortured, bleeding heart now is mine.
Rumbling waters beneath desert sands.
Bleeding hearts, something few will sense.
Watch the people, those closest to you, those you often meet.
From people in office, sports stars, celebrities, and winos on the street.
If you care to pry their.shells apart,
Hidden inside, you will find bleeding hearts.

Story behind the poem:
Hmmm. Milestone today. First post.done completely on my phone. This poem is based on a sensation i often feel, and cannot acurrately describe. It’s.a feeling that has broken thousands throughout history. Something that described in just one word. It’s like something is missing. Like something is slowly draining away your life. A bleeding heart.


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