Fort 10


“I bolt up in bed, it’s something like five o’clock in the morning. Something’s creeping around the house.

Tiptoe out into the hall. The misty gloom of early morning still cloaks the furniture in a shroud of mystery.

There it is! I hear a rustling sound again. There’s something lurking in this house!

I suddenly hear it behind me. I turn around, shivers start running down my spine.

Wolves are under my bed! And these aren’t just any wolves. They’re the biggest, baddest of the lot. Huge mongrels with mouths full of teeth and the meanest snarl.

I turn and start running silently down the hall. I can hear them coming up behind me.

I want to scream but I can’t. All I can do is run as fast as my little legs will take me. Round and round I run, running for dear life.

Quick, where to go, where to go? The great fortress of Number 10! I run down the hall. The wolves are right on my heels. I feel one snap at me, just missing. I feel like I’m flying now. My heart is leaping into my mouth as I jump to clear the fence into the safety of the fort.

I hear the clash of wolves outside. I sigh. They can’t get me now, but just to be sure, I burrow away amongst the hay.”


Dad sighs and turns over as I push myself in between him and Mum. There, the wolves won’t get me know. Then I fall asleep. 😀

Note by the author:

This is a recollection of when I was small, obviously. :). I still remember running down the cold hallway of my house, with those imaginary wolves right behind me. And I still remember wedging myself between Mum and Dad, where NOTHING could touch me. 😀

Has my imagination died off? Well, not really. I like watching CSI Miami, NCIS, etc. And usually, I watch them at night. I’ll stay up to about 2 am some days, watching episodes, then get up to get a drink. I can’t help but look over my shoulder as I pad out into the dining room, wondering if there’s someone or something lurking in the darkness. As I walk back to my room, you might hear my footsteps quicken. Yes! I know I’m a seventeen-year-old boy, who’s practically fearless, but the dark still terrifies me!

Thanks for reading :D. And when you get up tonight, don’t forget to check under your bed, there might be rabid wolves there! 😛




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