Behind the Smile

You laugh, i put a smile in place
Suppress a frown that wants to break my face
I show you my pearly whites
You smile while inside my spirit fights
Like my masquarade in the farce of life’s parade?
You happy now that I’m fine outside?
Ever thought of what’s boiling inside?
You think everything’s alright now
Just cause i smile and muck about.
But if you care to wait awhile:
You’ll find a frown behind the smile.

Wait awhile, there might be something behind the smile . . . .


Story behind the poem:

If I recall correctly, when a baboon smiles, it’s not because they’re happy. It means they’re about to bite you. . . .

Sometimes, people rattle of about things that I totally don’t agree with. I give a smile, nod my head. Sometimes even a shaky laugh. But there’s no smile behind the smile. It’s merely covering what’s really boiling up inside.




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