Lonely Road

Tis dark and lonely,
Walking here alone.
This cold stony road
I have made my own.

Tis where the brave few
Dare to venture thru.
They walk here in search-
Search of life anew.

The coldness chills inside;
I grit my teeth and hold on.
Though sad and long, I make this road my own

Tis lonely out here,
To lean on, there’s far and few.
So many times, i cry,
Screaming, “Where are you?”

I want to turn around,
Quit and walk away.
The pressure is too much-
Too much for me to stay.

But then i see, o’er the hill
A faint glimering light.
Hope springs eternal
In the darkest of nights.

You come close and
I feel you take my hand,
Pull me up, help me fight.
You help me stand.

“My child,” you whisper,
“I walked this road, still do.
Only now i walk it
Just to help you.”

I feel his might all around
As with faith renewed i push on.
Raise my hands high
As i cry,
“This lonely road i make my own.”

Let everyone leave me, l
Let them walk away.
I’m getting out of here, I wasn’t meant to stay.

This lonely road is the only way home.
Walk it I must, even if I’m alone.
So hear it now, as I toil by, this lonely road, I make my own!

It’s pain and hardship
I will do my best to bear,
I will keep pushing on
When there’s no one nowhere.

Cause this lonely road
I made my own.


Story behind the poem:

Written based on my feelings. Really, to be honest, while I’m often bubbly and active, it’s very rare that I don’t feel down or depressed. To be frank, the life I live is lonely, and always will be. It’s what I’ve chosen to walk.

Mat_7:14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.




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