Play My Heart Out

My jaw is rattled
Head spinning dizzy.
Flat on my back,
staring at nowhere.
Blood pulsing in,
Swirling round then out
Biceps busted
Heels rubbed and scrubbed.
Busted lip is just the tip.
Ribs feel like they’re in bits
Shame this game.
Giving all for nothing at all;
Tis days till I’ll be ok.
Shame you’s who don’t show up.
Damn all those coughs and hacks.
Yeah. I did some today.
One too many was done.
But heck, next week i’ll be back
Play my heart out again.

Gave all i had, watch it fall.
No objections have a complication
A fire lit too fast doesn’t last
Gave all my heart had.
But see, wasn’t enough apparently.
Sure, i slipped up, did before,
But it was my best none less.
No angel with a halo,
And just like her, no perfect picture.
Each time i sink i think,
Will the gain ever match the pain?
What’s the point of it all
Given all for last place, a rotten waste.
Thrown about, used, thrown out.
Dropping tired each morning.
But i just dig in, still going,
Until i die, gonna have my head held high.
Sure i’ll trip and slip,
But never say i gave less than best.
Heck with it, you can muck about, i’m playing my heart out

Story behind the poem:

Written in the car on the way home after a tough footy match that we lost 24-18. We only had 12 players in all, and almost won. I was totally exhausted, and well, that’s what i thought of-playing your heart out. Giving something your all until you’re ready to drop onto the ground in exhaustion.

The first verse is a description of me after a game of footy. The second verse is a rough story of a relationship I went through.


Thanks for readying




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