Damage Control

Damage control

Blazing wreck now just coals.
Once lively but now dark souls.
Fires of passion and winds of time
Wear down the body, soul, and mind.
Some of us push beyond the imaginable,
till what we hold is no longer manageable.
As everything falls apart which we wish won’t,
We should slow down and breathe but we don’t.
We try to patch what needs a haul-over,
Till it all breaks and we start slipping under.
As we slowly drown, we.black-out or let go.
Throw everything loose on the ship overboard.
We forget the cost, stop the leaks, SOS on radio.
Stop trying to close breaches, broken arrow.
Forget the fact we’re in a drought:
Just get that fire out.
Damage control, where by all means available,
We bring life’s fragile balance back to stable.
At all prices, all means, all costs.
To survive, we must forget what we lost.
Damage control-survival at all costs.

Story behind the poem:
The last of a series I wrote on the subject of my mood swings. Damage control, to me, is like the most dramatic of means. To me, it entails doing whatever necessary to stop the damage. Sometimes you must damage things in order to prevent greater damage.
I went into a complete meltdown recently conpounded by illness, and well, this poem was.the result. :-). Enjoy Nd thanx for reading.



2 thoughts on “Damage Control

    • Yeah. I am alot better thanks. Had two days off and just slept, watched movies, and as soon as I could, eat lots of food. 😀
      Thanks for reading and all. It really means alot to realise people read what I write and like it. 😀

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