Step Up

Step up, take the fall.
Answer the call.
Tell me, what am I fighting for?

Here’s my hand, shoot the impudent man.
When no one else will, dare to stand.

Here’s my lot, whether you’re in or not.
This is everthing I got.

Step up, send your bullets here! Quell my fear!

Let me feel the glory as death draws near!

So the giants hark?! Let the sun down, embrace the dark.
We are lion hearts.

Step up, we don’t hide forever. To run scared,  we never.
Throw up our hands, we won’t ever.

Step up, feel the full force of rage, let the lion out the cage.

Step up and feel the walls fall, see the sea change.

Step up . . . .

Story behind the poem:

Written during a break in church after the preaching. Inspired by something in the message, which I’ve actually forgotten. All I remember is the words, ‘Step up . . . ‘ and henceforth this poem just started flowing.

Step up. Don’t be afraid to say, “My fault.” Don’t be afraid to rush up and tackle the biggest guy on the opposition team. Don’t be afraid to stick your hand up and say, “Yes, sir. I believe Jesus is God.” Don’t be afraid to step up and say, “Hey guys, follow me!”





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