King of the Bubbles

Oh to be young again. I was at work just last week, and was filling up the sink with clean water. For a change, I put detergent in before I filled it up. (yes, my manager is always chiding me over the fact that I don’t put detergent in until I actually wash the dishes :P) The result was a nice big froth of bubbles. Ok, I may have put a little too much in, but who cares. All I cared about was all those bubbles! I suddenly realised, that it had been ages since I had a bubble bath! Yes, a nice old-fashioned bath filled with bubbles.

So, I got home that evening and decided to have a bubble bath, but there was one slight problem. None of the soap we had seemed to be that frothy. . . .  so I dumped a cap full of one shampoo, and other cap full of yet another shampoo, and then some hand soap, and then some other type of soap, then put the tap on full blast. Nope. No bubbles. Spun the tap till it was loose, and finally, there they were, slowly building up.

I slipped into the bath. Aagh. It was so nice feeling the hot water soak into my dry, cold skin. Lathered all those bubbles on my face. Yes, I love bubble baths. Absolutely love them. After about fifteen minutes, I decided it was time to finish. I got out, drained the bath, and got dressed. Oh, did I mention, my skin smelt really, really nice?

Yeah, so I had a great sleep, and the next evening, when I went to have a shower, I discovered why I smelt so nice: I put so much soap in the water, that it was still all over me. I almost slipped over in the bath tub that’s how slippery I was. Note to self next time: Don’t use so much soap to make bubbles. It’s probably not too good for the skin . . . .




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