Terror in the Smoke

Through the darkness and gloom of the fog, pierced the incredibly bright light. The darkness was now illuminated, becoming a glaring bright white.

Stuck in the middle of this, twas a tiny little ship, it’ crew hazarding the ocean in search of ever elusive fame. Playing the ever dangerous exploration game.

Captain on the bow, straining his eyes. “Take heart, my lads, I feels we draw nigh!” he cries.

For days on end, they drifted in this cursed fog, with an ever dwindling hope.

The tattered sails of their weary boat, flutter in the wind. For days on end, it’s been thrown about, the raging sea crashing in. Battered and weary, it limps on in hope of rest long gone.

The whistle of the wind now fades away to an ominous silence that would to terror give way.

The men feel shivers run down their spines, grasp their swords, raise the blinds. Something is lurking in the fog, let them come, let them come.

From the towering mast, doth one cry, “Land ahoy, land ahoy.”

See the dark mass, rise out the mist, the land for which the long whist.

But comes now the deception, the end of hope’s inception.

For out of the mist, rises this indescribable beast. It’s glowing red eyes, burn like the sun in the sky.

It snaps its teeth, raging beast of the ocean’s deep. It’s come to torment those who dare to walk into its dazzling lair.

“Hard to starboard!” yells the captain hoarse. The men cry, buckle their swords, and prepare for the worst.

“Man the cannons!” screams the gunner. They load in the cannon balls, take aim, and shoot at the beast’s whites. It disappears below the current in a swirling fright.

The men’s teeth are chattering, has it really gone? “Come Captain, come. Before all hope is gone! Get us out of this forsaken place in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere but here will we rather fare!”

Then from the deep, comes this streaking missile, hell-bent on wiping them of this scene’s grim easel.

“Hoist the sails, get under way! Throw the cannons, food, and stores, let’s get away!” The tiny ship now picks up its pace, shuddering under the enormous pace.

But lo, the beast is coming behind, it’s jaws open for the final time. Comes the rending of the wood and iron, as it smashes into the ship, smashing it into bits.

Stricken crew members cry as their smitten ship whirls below the surface, down to the sea floor below, now victims of the beast’s lair’s curse.

The foam now covers them all, as the unknown monster disappears into the fog beyond.


So died the valiant crew of this ship whose name and crew’s identity will forever remain obscured by history. They sailed where few dared to go, amidst the perils, now they rest on the ocean floor.  Rest in peace.


Author’s note:

The location of this desperate encounter was a #10 forgot-the-name-of-the-street, Kahibah, in the warmth of a bubble bath. Somewhere amidst all those glaring white bubbles, lies the ruins and remains of the ship and its crew. As for the mysterious beast? Well we don’t really know what happened to it, but no doubt it’s still active. (perhaps it’s writing this fateful dialogue right now ;D )



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