Dream On

Dream on baby, dream on

They might never seem to come true,
But dream on, baby, dream on.
Cause you never know when one will find you.
Dream on baby, dream on.
Though the critics and sceptics cry,
Dream on you will, baby, dream on.
Cause one day you’ll be waving them goodbye.
Dream on baby, dream on,
There’s a reason that we have dreams.
Dream on baby, dream on.
You’ll catch some dreams, though far away they seem.
Dream on, baby, dream on.
No, you probably won’t get every one,
But isn’t that what dreams are for?
Dreams, they propel us to leap out and have fun.
Dreams, where we run to who-knows-where,
Where we do things we can only imagine.
Dreams, where we find solace in times of despair:
Where ordinary men become legends.
Dreams breath life into our bodies,
Give us purpose in our life, carry us on,
Carry us on through the toughest time,
When all glimmer of hope is gone.
So shut your door, tuck yourself in,
Turn out the lights, and dream away.
Life’s tough, now’s time to escape awhile.
Time to dream about a happier day.
Dream on, baby, dream on.
Dreams come true,
So dream on.
One day, they’ll find you.
Story behind the poem:
Written for a sad friend of mine. Dream on . . . . 🙂

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