I’ll be a Wall

Watching you stand next to me, your little hands clutch my fingers as you say,
Piggy back, give me a piggy back. Really, I just can’t resist a request said like that.

Pick you up, place you on my shoulders, carry you through the bush, over boulders.
Hear you squeal as the branches fall in your face, clap your hands, urge me to pick up the pace.

Watching you stand next to me, a little man. Your hand ain’t even half my hand.
You challenge me to wrestle, we fight and tussle, finally you emerge on top, victor of the battle.

Lying here on my belly, you the conqueror, smiling to myself, as you chant like a little warrior.
So little and small in the big picture, so innocent. You’re so happy, yet so dependent.

If ever those giants come to fight, if ever the dragons breath their fire, or the monsters at night,
I’ll be there, by your side. Here you’re sitting on top, the victor, but i’ll be ready come any danger.

I’ll be a shield, a bear, wall, when the stones fly, the pillagers come, and the thunder rolls.
Nothing will touch you, when I’m here, as long as I’m round, you’ve got nothing to fear.

To get to you, they’ll run into me, any enemies, stones, waves, or winds, come hit me.
For you, I’ll give my life, I’d place all I have on the line, just to make sure you get out fine.

I wrap my arms around your squirming body, as you pummel my face,
You think you’re so strong, and I hope that nothing will ever prove you wrong.

If ever the waves or winds break you down, you know where help will always be found.
Cause they’ll have to come through me to get to you, I’ll give my life up, if that’s what I’ve got to do.

You’re sitting on top right now, little guy, ignorant of the dangers circling about.
But never worry, never fear, cause when they come, I’ll be right here.

If ever danger threatens, I’ll be standing there between, you and the danger, seen or unseen.

When those giants acall, dragons roar, and thunder rolls, I’ll be a shield, knight, and wall.



Story behind the poem:

Written about this little boy I know, who’s absolutely adorable (to me anyway). It breaks my heart to see how many kids get abused and scarred by the very people who are suppose to protect them. And well, this is my little message, not just for this boy, but for every other kid who I’ve spent time with, I want to be a wall that provides shelter from the storms. When those giants come, I want to be there to help fight them off. If I get the chance, I will place myself between the attackers and you. If it comes down to the last straw, I’ll give my life to protect you. All you little guys and gals (ok, some of you are not so little anymore now. :P), you’re really special to me. I hope you have lots of walls and shields to protect you. 😀



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