Hey you, stuck dreaming of your perfect world,

But when they come, letting chances drop cold.

Hey you, wishing for a perfect ending,

But when it  comes, you’re never daring.

You kept getting stuck cold out here,

So now you live in a fairyland far from here.

Stuck with your head in fantasy,

While it’s out in front where you won’t see.

Fuelling yourself on these great air towers

While you’re lying in bed, alone for hours.

Crying out that someone would call your name,

When really, you only got yourself to blame!

You say that you want love? But when one comes with it,

You toss and throw them out.

These chances they come but they won’t stay,

So you better take ahold before they, slip away!

So you’re stuck inside a world you hate,

Surrounded by walls you can can’t break.

Take a look in the mirror, tell me who you see?

Cause it took so long to get to me,

That this is reality: take a hold of a chances in front of me,

Or you’re just another fatality, just another fatality.

And this reality,

You’re just another fatality.


Story behind the poem:

Written about someone I know. Well, it could be applied to alot of people now really. They lie alone, sobbing, because their dreams are so far-fetched, or so it seems. And all the while, the chance to fulfil that dream is sitting right in front of them, but for whatever reason, they pass it up. Instead, they spend their time jumping from one fantasy to the next, when they could be actually living their dream. They become fatalistic. And then they become a fatality. Dreams must be pursued. Sometimes, the answers to our dreams are right in front of us, we just don’t see them.

“There are two types of people. There are those who dream, and then there are those who chase their dreams. Fear the one who chases his dream.”



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