Six Strings

Clock hits twelve, hit the switch.

Turn on the bass, feel it lift.

Yeah, turn it up, today’s long gone,

But you can’t keep us down!

Plectrum hits six strings,

Feel the soul grow some wings.

Up far away from this misery,

Lift up into the galaxy.

Shake to the beat inside,

What’s cooped up, let it outside.

Let your body sway to the bass,

Feel your body float into space.

Who cares if you don’t have a voice,

Tonight we gonna make some noise.

Blood thudding in your veins,

Stuck in a world of grey, let’s change.

Though I’m low, I’m feeling high,

Lift my fingers, gonna touch the sky.

Plectrum hits six strings,

Feeling my soul grow some wings.


Story behind the poem:


A plectrum is also known as a pick. It’s used for strumming a guitar. 😀

I LOVE my guitar. 😀




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