Already Dead

You’re just talking, they’re just lies

I can see it in your eyes.

But here I am, still lingering,

Though you don’t really care, you’re just playing.

My friends, they warn me to stay away,

And every time, this is what I say:


There’s nothing alive inside

Deep in me, just a grave you’ll find!

What damage done, is already done.

The perpetrator’s already come and gone.

Left nothing inside, that can be broken,

And now I’m just a door wide open

You can’t kill what’s already dead

What’s already dead.


Yeah I know, that this is dangerous

Yeah they’re telling me that it’s contagious.

But please don’t worry about what I do,

Cause all that stops me, is just you.

I walk where the brave fear to tread

Cause I’m already dead, I’m already dead!


And when they draw, their fiery bows,

Let them fly with pain and woe.

Watch me smile and draw it in,

No matter the wall, I’ll still keep coming in.

You better quit while you’re ahead,

You can’t kill what’s already dead.


Story behind the poem:

So, I’ve been trying to break my writing duck for a while, and finally I came up with this. You can’t kill what’s already dead. I sort of wish it’s true, but I must admit that after months of heartache, a new one still brings pain, though it’s not quite as severe. In quite a few cases now, I didn’t really feel it. I just knew that I would’ve if it wasn’t for past experience. I know alot of people fret about the company I keep now and then, and the choices I make as they think it may damage me more. The way I see it? You can’t kill what’s already dead. Hence I take paths that are not exactly the most logical. You can’t kill what’s already dead.





One thought on “Already Dead

  1. If the body is dead, the soul is already gone. But if the body is still alive, the conscience is dead, then the soul is on its way to damnation. I pray that God will have mercy on us not to let us be deceived because we reject instructions and knowledge from His Word. The truth is God gives us life. But we have the choice what are we going to do with that life. I thank God that I can choose to serve Him, for in Him is LIFE! Praise the Lord!

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