Fall for Anything

Got a grim smile on my lips.
Wearing a stoic face that doesn’t fit.
They tell me it’s no use, what was will be.
Nothing changes, tis like the tides of the sea.
They told me the signs, what was going to happen,
Still hung on, even as the hurricane was shaping.
Got stung, should’ve got the message through.
But in my mind, still got hopes for you.

Shut you out, I’ll make believe I can!
But in the end, oh in the end!

I try to make it seem that I’m over it all,
That I never again for you will fall.
Steel gates guard my heart,
The heralds have torn your memorials apart.

Let the storms come my way,
I make believe that everything’s okay.
That I’ve moved on, to something better still:
Never gonna return, even if you will
But if you knock, I’ll still let you in.
Cause you know, I’ll fall for anything.
Fall for anything


Story behind the poem:

I guess I should clarify what I mean by ‘fall for anything’. I’m referring to the fact that even though my logic tells me to stay away from certain people because they hurt me, every time they come back to me and say sorry or what-not, I still accept it. In that sense, I’ll fall for anything. I guess I’m just a bit too soft. 😛

You know, I think it would be nice if the whole world could ‘fall for anything’. How much nicer it would be if people could forgive no matter how much they were wronged and welcome someone again.

Perhaps one day.



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