I’m a dark seeker, creature of the night.

I scream and run when exposed to light.

Here, cloaked in darkness, you cannot see

The filth and the sores that plague me.

Yeah, I know that they’re killing me inside

But I don’t want others to see them so I run and hide.

Though the remedy is always there, ready and waiting,

I refuse to come out so my disease can be taken.

I’m letting it kill me, cause the light might show me up,

All my filth and disease – to be healed is too much to ask!

My silly pride is getting in my way. I love this curse,

And though it kills me, I hold on, even though it hurts.

The light is promising to set me free,

But hold on, cause I got some valuables here!

I don’t like the truth, cause it tells me I gotta change my life,

So I’m gonna sit here and cling to my lies.

Comfortable here cause I see naught

Shunning a liberty that cannot be bought,

I love the night, cause my deeds are evil

And if I walk into the light, they will be see through.

Hiding here, in my cave:

With no one else to blame.


Story behind the poem:

Based on Joh_3:19  And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

The term ‘darkseeker’ comes from the movie “I am legend”. Darkseekers were people who were infected with the virus that turned them into zombies. If they came out into the light, they would die. And in case you were wondering, they looked hideous. 😛

Why is it that people love darkness (figuratively speaking) rather than light? Why is it that people will chose lies over the truth? Unfortunately, it’s because our deeds are evil, and we are too blind or too proud to admit it.



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