Murder in the Cold Blood

The huge steel walls were rising above her. A ring of white surrounded her, Little isles of white dotted the plain about her: barren patches of desolation with no living thing in sight. Her reflection warped, caving up across her in the steel with alien-life features. Stuck inside a skyscraper with no floors. Just cold steel racing high above.

Suddenly, there is a shaking, The ground beneath her feet trembles, the shock waves shoot up her limbs as the vibrations rip through her body.

A dark menacing shadow passes over and a screeching sound like chalk on a whiteboard, blowing her ears. It’s a terrible sound-the sound of approaching doom that threatens to steal her fate.

Then, far up in the steel walls, tons of fibrous, white mush moist with burning acid gush through the holes, pouring down on their hapless victim. They push her to the far end of the wall, piling up higher and higher.

A huge piece of goo falls on top of her. She feels the breath forced out of her lungs. Tears flood her eyes as the acid burns into them. She can feel her skin peeling off as it gets disintegrated. More and more of the acidic mush pours on top of her, eating away her life. Finally, she takes one last breath, her legs twitch one final time. Now she lies there, murdered in cold blood. Her smoking corpse shrinking as it’s eaten away by this mysterious ooze.

Yet another victim of the onion grater. Oh the tragedy! Rest in peace, thou murdered ant, as we lay thee in the cemetery of thy multitudes.


Story behind the dramatization:

This is a rather old story. I wrote it while at a friend’s house when we had a writing competition. We had an assortment of items, which someone would pick for you, and then we had to write a short story about that object. Do you want to guess what object I got? No, it wasn’t an ant. It was a grater. Well, to be honest, I had watched a bit too much CSI that week, so I was in a mind for murder :P. So, didn’t matter what object I got, it had to be about murder. Oh, did I also mention that there were four girls and one boy beside me? So it was the grater. I wrote the story so that one would think it was a person, with a slow horrible death by acid. Only to find out that it was an ant. I was going to write about carrot, but heck, getting suffocated doesn’t sound as good as getting burnt up by acid. So in short: Ant, gets trapped in grater, person grates onion, onion kills ant. End of movie. Hope you enjoyed it.  Perhaps one day I’ll write a more detailed account about the horrendous crime that occured in the grater. 😀



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