You wanted the world, the fastest and the best.
The largest, richest house and all the rest.
You wanted the crowds and their butter lips.
One premiership is only the iceberg’s tip.
Though our beauty tis only skin deep,
We try our absolute hardest to keep.
We forget the very reason we are here,
Lose and trample what we hold dear.
All so we can shoot for stars with a BB gun,
To find that more is said than was really done.
We lose ourselves chasing rainbows,
Not thinking about the price, the things we let go.
For at the end of the rainbow ain’t no pot of gold
As you finally slip, and then woe, for cometh the fall
We shoot for the stars,
Then wake up to find where we really are.
That is, if after the fall,
We wake up at all.
Then we find ourselves in a daze,
Fainting under the sun’s blaze.
And we have to ask ourselves, Was it worth it?
If I had the chance, would I do it again?
What did I actually achieve? Will it count?
There’s a fire coming in which every castle’s gonna burn down.
Then will we see the true value that’s inside.
After all you’ve done and lost, what will we find?

This drumming in the head is thudding through the tatters,

As you find what really matters. Then ask if it really did matter?

We give so much time and effort, we give our lives,

Just to chase either truth or lies. You decide.

But keep this in your forefront of your head,

One day, no matter how strong, you will come crashing to bits.

It’s one heck of a fall, and at the end of it all,

Was it worth it at all?

Will you still be able to move at all?

Story behind the poem:

Written while sitting on a bus. 😀 Got to thinking today, that no matter what it is that we chase, it comes at a sacrifice. We have to drop and lose things in order to attain what we chase after. The problem is, we often find ourselves chasing that mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And if we do manage to get there, we find, that there ain’t no gold. Just one heck of a long fall. Any great achievement, accomplished or not, comes with a fall. Somewhere in your life, you will stop and ask yourself, was it worth it? Sometime in your life, at least once, you will find yourself falling. Friend, when you fall, will you be able to look up and say, it was worth it, or will you shake your head wondering what the heck you were doing? Or will you not be moving at all?



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