What You Never Knew

I first remember you from way back, when I was just a kid. You stopped your life and reached down to spend time with me.
I guess I’m getting rather old now, as I look back and wistfully wish. Wish that things would go back to how they use to be.
Cause you ain’t there no more, to spend some time with me, find something for me to do, walk beside me, catch me when I fall.
Now I find that I’m all alone in a cold cruel world, faltering, running scared. I’m tired of running, I don’t want to run no more.
Now I think I’ve found what you felt. The loneliness, the desolation, the desire to belong: the longing for someone who adores everything you do.
Well that was me, I followed you round. My little eyes watched your every move. You were my idol, but you never knew, that I was following you.
I would be your slave, your servant, whatever you bid. Who cares, as long as I got to be your accomplice.
Come the good times, yeah, come the trouble, I’ll be there, anything just to get on your ‘good friend’s list.
I guess I’ll never really know, if you knew I was watching, or if you were ignorant. But sometimes I wish that I knew, cause ignorance ain’t always bliss.
If only you knew, how each morning, I stared into the mist, waiting for you to appear, but after so long, it’s all boiled down to this.
What you never knew, is I loved you with every fiber and being of my heart. If there ever was a thing as the perfect devotee, that was me. Nothing could stop me.
What you never knew, is that I would move heaven and earth to stay close, but you let the mountains and giants make you flee.
As time passed, things got in my way. You let them cloud your vision, I didn’t clear them out fast enough. Don’t really know how it all collapsed.
Maybe I wasn’t hard enough. Maybe I was too caring. Maybe I should have been more point-on. Maybe I should have followed my heart, but now it’s crashed.
What you never knew, is that I didn’t care what inflicted you, because I would walk through hell, just to carry through.
What you never knew, is that all I really cared about was you.

Story behind the poem:
There are so many things that we ‘never knew’. Perhaps if we actually took the time, we might be able to discover some of those things. 😀



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