You’re There

Saw you again tonight.

Come to think of it, ain’t seen you for quite some time.

I don’t really know what others think,

Whether you’re beautiful or not – whether you need a shrink.

Don’t know, don’t care,

Cause I’m here and you’re there.

You know, it really bothers me, that I don’t know,

What you feel about me,  what you think when you’re alone.

But I must be honest, I love you, and feel the sparks,

And there are so many times I just wanna give you a hug.

Not cause I’m infatuated, far be it. Not with some Hollywood-ingrained meaning,

Don’t know what it’s called, perhaps the big-brother-you-never-had feeling.

Just want to wrap my arms around you, know that you care,

But I’m standing here, and you’re standing there.

I guess I wish that I knew what goes through your mind,

How feelings, boundaries, and lines are defined.

I wish I knew how you felt, if you wished someone would just give you some love,

Wanting nothing in return, just knowing they’re accepted is enough.

Never looking for something in return, just wanting you to know they cared,

That they still think of you, when you ain’t there.

I know, that people put these assumptions, on such actions,

And to cross the lines often meets with misfortunes.

I don’t really want to be romantic, not just yet,

But I want to leave you something, to give you a smile when you hop into bed.

Maybe break you free from the chains that hold you from expressing,

The love I believe so many humans are repressing.

A love that gives so much for so little. A love that can be for anyone,

A love that belongs only to the daring ones.

I push my feeling aside, shake your hand, maybe one day, I’ll call my dare,

But tonight, I’m here and you’re there

With a distance between, I wish didn’t exist,

Stuck in the mire of this growing desire.

To give you a kiss, and tell you, how special, you really is.


Story behind the poem:

I could write so much, but it probably wouldn’t make much sense. To be short, this was written about one chick in particular, but it can be applied to many others as well in my life. I just wanted to give her a big hug, because to me, she was special. Not in a romantic sense, but just in that buddy sense, like, I love seeing you round. I really wish I could find out what she thinks, because well, one day I probably will give her a big hug, just because she’s special. (and maybe it’ll start spreading round :D)



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