Hold On

I heard a little bird tell me, per say,
That someone was coping it the other day,
Yet another heartbreak in a cold world,
But I wanted to let you know, hold on girl.
Everything’s going to be fine, just hold tight.

Sometimes the darkness clouds us, till we can’t see
That there are still people who love you and me.
We get stuck trying to follow our peers,
We find ourselves cornered by our greatest fears.
So from someone worried, to someone I care about I write:

No matter how dark the night,
Keep holding on till morning light.
There’s someone out there, looking for you,
I hope he finds you, I really hope you do.
I know he loves you so very much,

But till then, hold on tight,
No matter how hard, don’t lose sight,
One day, you’ll find love blossom again,
If you can hold on through the rain.
One day, you’ll dance in the sun again.

Our flower, in life’s storms, oft gets torn,
But if you hang on, another flower will spawn.
I’m sure that there’s a flower inside, ready to blossom,
And when it does, it’ll be something awesome.
Vibrant colors to wow the world, full petals,
Strong stem, and a glorious fragrance to smell.
Such things take time, so hold on, bid your time.

Though you don’t know who I am,
I’m thinking of you, and care, I pray you blossom again.
Remember in your darkest hour, you’re not alone,
There’s always at least one, who loves you, no matter how battered, bruised and thrown.
Hold on, someone cares, they want to see you blossom again.


Story behind the poem:

Written for someone who’s had a tough time. Keep holding on, you’ll eventually see the light.




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