Catching Fire

Glowing embers, remnants of a world past.

Life is dying, its energy expiring fast.

The last hope for life to survive is fading out and we’re stuck drowning in a sea of doubt!

Burnt out timber, shadows of what use to be.

Lord God! Start a fire inside me!

So many are burnout, no fire left, to our flaking ashes we cleft.

Someone needs to ignite the fire, bring us back to life!

Keep us alive, don’t let the darkness suffocate the light:

So many of us, burnt-out, dead, and alone, We need fire in the bones!

We’re sitting here, waiting for someone to catch fire-dying-

Sitting here warming benches, not even trying.

By our lack of faith, we condemn ourselves to die!

Waiting for God to move, but God has already done so.

While we’re stalling, he’s calling us to go!

But we’re waiting for fire, that’s already here, but we won’t commit because of our fear.

Haunted by a fear of the unknown, that we can’t survive.

We sit and kill, the very life we’re trying to revive.

Waiting for someone else to move, with the blame on our heads, we refuse to push ahead.

If you don’t move, and he besides you doesn’t move,

Who’s going to keep the fire, that runs this world, tell me who?

So I’m catching fire, hoping others catch fire with me:  catching fire to set men free, are you with me?

Story behind the poem:

Well, sort of inspired from the title for the Hunger Games series, the next coming, which I believe is called ‘Catching Fire’. Fire has many symbolic purposes. It can mean life, destruction, power, warmth, etc. In my poem, it’s referring to life and energy. Without a fire, we die. So many times we wait for other people to get something going, to ignite the vapours, but we know full well, that unless we start trying, nothing’s going to happen. In order to catch fire, we need to start catching fire, not waiting for others to catch fire for us.

Photo credits: Man by, Wildfire from,



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