I really want to tell you, about this friend I’ve got, called mE.

Signs their texts, with a simple little word, called me.

Like you’re sitting in the chair at home, wondering what’s going on,

When you hear a knock at the door and you’re no longer alone,

Who’s there? Who’s here? It’s me!

Yeah, I know who me is, do you? Come in me!

Me doesn’t tell you their real name, cause you know who.

Me is a friend you know is always there for you.

They’ll put up with your stupid pranks, and big head,

They’ll listen to you ramble when you’re half-dead.

Sit up late, watching movies with, and argue about stupid things,

Like whether you’re out or in.

When everything is falling apart, you know there’s always me-

A little space where comfort be-I hope you’ve got a friend who calls themselves mE!



Story behind the poem:

A little poem for a friend of mine. I know they put up with me alot, so I thought I’d write a little something for them, just to let them know that I appreciate them. And yes, hello me! I know that you’ll be reading this. 😛 Anyways, I hope you’s all have at lots of friends who knock on the door, and say, “It’s me!” or send a txt signed, me, or call you and just ramble off without an introduction, because, hey, it’s me!! 😀



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