I’m Coming Down

From his throne up in Heaven, God looked down on the lost souls of man.
Thousands of men, lost forever, wandering a cursed forsaken land.
Their dried-up souls searching for his presence:
But they were wretched abominations, separated from his holiness.
A select few suceeded in touching his hem, but most were hoplessly lost.
So God, set out through the ages, arrows that pointed to a cross.
As man floundered and fell, he was ever there, preparing his master plan.
A rescue mission for the souls of man.
Then finally the day came when all was set-as men were weeping: no hope to be found:
Said the Almighty, “Hold on, I’m coming down!”

I don’t believe in sone distant deity sending one of three to die for me:
I believe in an eternal spirit paying a ransom for me for free.
My God didn’t send someone else to the rescue: He didn’t send someone else!
In a fusion of humanity and deity, the God of eternity came himself.
This was his grand master plan, the ultimate sacrifice:
Coming to earth to be denied, mocked, tortured, and killed, all to save a wretched life.
Some people, they want to confuse his miraclulous rescue.
But we preach Christ crucified, bleeding and dying- just for you.
If you’re feeling lost, forsaken, rejected. Jesus is still there waiting: ever since he died on a cross two thousand years ago:
When from up in his glory, he said, “Hang on, I’m coming down.”


Story behind the poem:

So commonly quoted, John 3:16  for God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son . . . ,  what so many people fail to recognize, is that God didn’t delegate this important mission to someone else. God the Father didn’t send God the Son. God the Father didn’t anoint some mortal to do it. God ALMIGHTY, the one and only God, came down to earth himself.

The God of the Bible is not some distant deity. He’s close and he’s personal. He didn’t send someone else to save us, he came himself.





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