For You

I knew this girl, who helped me up, and cheered me at best.

She once was a close friend, but now there’s a prefix called ex-.

I would tell her little secrets, that no one else knew. How I felt about so and so.

Now I ponder over it, it was quite some time ago.

I remember that day when it started falling apart.

Where someone had the courage to do what was right for their heart.

Tis separated by others, divided in heart,

We would finally now our ways part.

But I had something on the agenda, it had been there for a while.

To send you a birthday gift, just to give you a smile.

In my own unique way, a thank you for being a great friend,

I know I broke some rules, but if  I could, I’d  do it all over again.

Several days passed, I got a call regarding things I’d not fore-sawn.

My short temper burst, I exploded, and found myself falling.

Said some things I shouldn’t have said-

Did some things I now regret.

Cause I’ve got to be honest, I still think of you, every now and then.

When I go through my photos I wonder how you are and what’s happening.

I imagine you now, hysterical,  all serious and then laughing.

My smarty-pant comments, you rolling your eyes. I would be lying

To say that I’ve forgotten all about you.

Cause every now and then, I think about you, I really do.

I brings a smile to my weary eyes, even now,

Thinking of how easily I managed to get you flustered and riled up.

I hope that you’ve got a friend like I had.

Someone who props you up when you feel small.

So many times, my wrongs to you they haunt me- like ghosts in the mist.
I get all knocked up inside as I think of all the things I miss.
I know it’s long overdue-
But the relayed message did get through.
I’ve written from my heart to say I’m sorry.

And please don’t worry.

I forgave you long ago. I just never told you, but now I do.

I wrote this little poem just for you.

Story behind the poem:

Written for an ‘ole friend of mine.

I hope that life is treating you well. Keep on smiling. 😀

Maybe one day our paths will unwittingly cross. (ok, for you that might be the case, but knowing me, it’d probably be more me fixing it so that we ‘accidentally’ run into each other). 😀


Photo by Piotr Lewandowski


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