Billowing black smoke, tinged with yellow.

Fiery crimson on a skeleton ridge set aglow.

Showers of flames explode, as the eucalypti fuel

This raging infernio – this catalyst that changes its world.

It removes the old, and replaces it with new.

A new world where things grow anew.

It removes the past’s misfortunes and errors-

Gives a new tomorrow, a chance for a new millennia.

So big, so vast. Those who would put it out, can’t come near

For nothing is quite as dangerous as fear.

Even if they do, it would take an ocean, to quell this beast.

To extinguish such a fire manually, tis an impossible feat.

So powerful, so invincible, yet from small doth this thing grow.

It all starts with just a little match, yet behold.

Finite and weak. So underestimated and ignored.

A matchstick. We don’t even think about it, it’s so small,

Yet it possesses the power to change things like never before.

It can change the world to something we never saw.

True, many matches burn out. Some never even catch fire.

But ever so often, just now and then. Every once in a while:

A little matchstick sets of an unstoppable fire.

Just a twig, with a little phosphorus. A little nothing.

But give it a little strike, and it becomes a big something.

To start a bushfire, tis all you’ll ever need:

A little matchstick.

Story behind the poem:

A matchstick is a simile for little acts of love, a letter, a card, a call, a txt, a gift, that sets off a fire. Little acts that take our time and thought don’t always set off something. Often they’re unnoticed. But all it takes is one match, one act, to set a blaze that can only be quenched by the source itself.


Photo by Miguel Saavedra


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